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2020 Exploring 4-H Activities

June 24, 2020

The Purdue Extension Putnam County staff and Junior Leaders are wishing everyone well during this time of quarantine.  Since we are not able to meet together, here are some activities for you your project.  If you want to check out the other projects, feel free.  Have fun and stay safe!!!


Collections- Find a shoe box, egg carton or something that can hold your collection (if small enough) and decorate it.  This will keep your collection together

Crafts-DIY Spinner

Drawing-  Check out this video and learn shading techniques

Food-Fruit Cracker Pizza

Farm Animals- View Jayden Simpson (Putnam County 4-H Junior Leader) Video to learn about Beef

Photography-  Try out your skills with Black and White pictures

Wildlife-  Check out several Do It Yourself ideas for a bird feeder https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/bird-feeders-for-kids-to-make-2764688





Collections- Begin thinking about how you are going to organize your collection for you poster picture

Crafts-Oil suncatchers

Drawing-  Check out this short video to learn at bit about 3D Drawing

Food-  Learn how to make your own butter- How To Make Butter

Farm Animals- View Brett Asher (Putnam County 4-H Junior Leader) video to learn about goats -5/14/2020

Photography- Check out some easy trick photography ideas

Wildlife- View the video to see how we affect our local and global waters



Mothers Day is Sunday!!!  Here are a few ideas of fun things you can do for MOM

Collections-  Make mom a homemade craft with things you collect around the house (recycle, leftover craft supplies, etc.)

Crafts-  Make mom a homemade card and be a creative as you want to be.  

Drawing-  Find out something mom really likes and draw her a picture of it (flowers, food, animals are a few idea)

Farm Animals- View Gayle Baugh (Putnam County 4-H Junior Leader) video to learn about chickens.

Foods-  Surprise mom with an easy snack (fruit cup, peanut butter crackers, celery with peanut butter and raisins are a few examples)

Photography-  Find flowers to take pictures of and give her a photo bouquet.  

Wildlife-  Make and art project using things found in nature (leaves, sticks and rock are a few examples)

Remember:  MOM will love and cherish whatever you choose to do and don't forget to Thank her for all she does!!!


FAMILY EARTH DAY SCAVENGER HUNT (see file below)- Have fun getting outdoors and enjoy the weather!!


Many of these projects can be altered depending what you have at your homes.  Be creative!!

Collections- See below file-4/6

Collections-See below File -4/13  Design your collection piece you think would make your collection the best.  Below is a coin example but this is for all collections!!!

Collections- See below file-4/22, 4/29

Drawing- See below file-4/6, 4/13, 4/22, 4/29

Farm Animals - View Ethan Maier (Putnam 4-H Junior Leader) video to learn about developing your farm scene.-4/6

Farm Animals- View Cory and Conner Taylor (Putnam 4-H Junior Leaders) video to learn about rabbits and View below file - 4/13,  If you can't print the booklet, copy the questions and make your own!

Farm Animals- View Emma Summers (Putnam 4-H Junior Leader) video to learn about dogs -4/22

Farm Animals- View Dillon Sutherlin (Putnam 4-H Junior Leader) video to learn about sheep- 4/29

Foods- See below file-4/6

Foods- Yogurt Bark/Bites- 4/13

Foods- See file below-4/22

Foods- See file below- 4/29

Photography- See below files-4/6, 4/13, 4/22-4/29

Photography- Practice taking photos of your family (individual and group photos)-4/29

Crafts- Easter bunny cards-4/6

Crafts-Easter Egg Maracas-4/6

Crafts- Racing worms-4/13

Crafts- Simple Bug Hotels-4/22

Crafts- See below file for Cloud Dough- 4/29

Wildlife-DIY Nature Notebook-4/6     4/13-See below file and then draw a picture of 2 things you found on your Nature Hunt and add them to your Journal

Wildlife- Animal Plaster Tracks-4/22  Becky Holbert-4-H Youth Extension Educator in Vermillion County shows how to make animal molds

Wildlife- See file below- 4/29


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