2015-16 Superintendent Nominees

2016-2017 Superintendent Nominees 

The following individuals have agreed to be considered for the barn superintendent positions during the 2016-17 Putnam County fairs. If you have any comments or concerns about any of these candidates, please email mevans@purdue.edu to voice your thoughts. The 4-H council meets to make recommendations on Monday, August 24 @ 6:00 p.m. at the Putnam County Fairgrounds in the York Automotive Community Building West. Additionally the individuals if selected must complete the 4-H volunteer application process.

Goat Barn

Brent Summers

Shea Mahoney-Sutherland


Rabbit Barn

Gordon Williams

Dawn Overbay


Swine Barn

Lee Fordice


Beef Barn

Jay Alcorn

Ronnie Spencer

Darrin Buis

Jason Lotz

Jared Fordice

Callie Edie

By Kimberly S Beadles, Program Assistant
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