2016 Indiana State Fair
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The 2016 Indiana State Fair, celebrating Indiana's Bicentennial, is August 5th - 21st.
Pepper Leaf Disease
Now that summer is here, many vegetable and flower plants are growing well. These conditions that allow for good growth of plants can also be good for diseases and insects that can damage and kill your plants. It can be very frustrating to put in hard work in growing plants to have them eaten before you can enjoy the flowers or produce.
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The NEW 2016 Suggested Garden Exhibits Guide (4-H-970-W) is now posted online at
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The 2016 4-H Non-Livestock Handbook is now available. The handbook includes Pulaski County and State 4-H policies, guidelines, and 4-H project exhibit requirements. 4-H projects that have project requirement changes for 2016 are Arts and Crafts, Baking With a Box, Cats, Dairy, Dogs, Electric, Entomology, Farm Toy Scene, Foods, Garden, Genealogy, Gift Wrapping, Photography, Scrap-booking, and Small Engine. And, ALL POSTERS, NOTEBOOKS AND DISPLAY BOARDS.
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The 2016 State 4-H Project Exhibit Changes are now available.
Here is an excerpt from the Extension Homemakers (EH) Spring Newsletter where Deb Winter and Sue Nies, Family & Nutrition Program Assistants for Purdue Extension - Pulaski County share an Easy Stuffed Shells recipe.

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