Fall Mum Fundraiser
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The Pulaski County Jr. Leaders 4-H Club are selling mums for their 2017 Fall Fundraiser. They are taking orders now through September 25, 2017 for yellow, pink, bronze, red, purple, and white mums at $8 each or 2 for $15. Please contact a 4-H Jr. Leader or the Extension office at 574-946-3412 to place your orders.
Blue spruce needles showing disease symptoms
Many of our Colorado blue spruce, a common ornamental tree, are infected with a disease that is causing them to decline and die.
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Happy Spring - please check out our spring newsletter telling about events going on in the Pulaski Co. Extension Office and the Learning Lab.
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The 2017 4-H Non-Livestock Handbook is now available. The handbook includes Pulaski County and State 4-H policies, guidelines, and 4-H project exhibit requirements.
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Please check out all the happenings in Pulaski County Extension. Click on each link and make sure you open the cover to see an overview. Happy Winter!
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The NEW 2016 Suggested Garden Exhibits Guide (4-H-970-W) is now posted online at
Here is an excerpt from the Extension Homemakers (EH) Spring Newsletter where Deb Winter and Sue Nies, Family & Nutrition Program Assistants for Purdue Extension - Pulaski County share an Easy Stuffed Shells recipe.

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