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Pulaski County 4-H Council Booster Letter

January 22, 2021

The Pulaski County 4-H Council provides educational opportunities for over 350 youth in learning through hands-on experience about responsibility, time management, communication, team work, and decision-making skills.

Donors will be recognized at the Pulaski County 4-H & Community Fair and during our Recognition Program. The 4-H youth and volunteers of the community thank you for your new or continued support for the program.

Pulaski County 4-H Council is a non-profit youth development organization that relies on the generous support of donations from donors like you. We are constantly working to provide all of our 4-H youth with support to participate in 4-H related activities. These activities include 4-H Camp, 4-H Round-Up, 4-H Academy, and more. Your donations also provide funds for a scholarship and fall champion plaques.

Recognize donors by level of giving:
Blue Ribbon up to $25
Merit Award $26-$50
Reserve Champion $51-$100
Champion $101-$200
Reserve Grand Champion $201-$300
Grand Champion $301 and above

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