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Posey County Extension Homemakers

June 4, 2018
Indiana Extension Homemakers

Seven Extension Homemakers clubs meet throughout Posey County and membership open to the public. If you would like information on joining an existing club or about organizing a club, contact the Posey County Extension Office at 812-838-1331 or at poseyces@purdue.edu.

Posey County Extension Homemakers are members of the Indiana Extension Homemakers Association which celebrated it's 100th Anniversary in 2014. The following provides just a little bit of understanding of who we are and what we are about. We hope you will decide to join us if you are not already a member!

Extension Homemaker Creed
We believe in the present and its opportunities, in the future and its promises, in everything that makes life large and lovely, in the divine joy of living and helping others, and so we endeavor to pass on to others that which has benefited us, striving to go onward and upward, reaching the pinnacle of economic perfection, in improving, enlarging and endearing the greatest institution in the world - The Home.

Our joy of living and helping others:
Recent activities have included a Christmas trip to the Toyota Plant in Princeton, Opryland Hotel, Special Interest lessons on making table runners and pot holders, and some of us made "bread in a bag"!  We have participated in community activities like the River Days in Mt. Vernon where we sponsored a pie eating contest!

Every year we sponsor the Posey County Style Show in conjunction with the 4-H Fashion Review program. Sponsor the Open Class exhibits at the fair and prepare meals during the week which is our only fund-raising activity during the year.

Passing on to Others:

Striving to go onward and upward:
We have attended conferences to learn about our health, building our financial capability, resolving conflict, protecting our nest eggs, and eating for health and vitality to help us reach the pinnacle of perfection for ourselves and our homes!


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