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Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

March 27, 2020
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Due to protocols related to COVID-19, there will be no in-person Extension/4-H events until May 18th at the earliest, therefore all sessions that were scheduled for Porter County are now postponed until June with exact dates/times TBD.


To exhibit beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, meat goats, dairy goats, poultry, and/or rabbits, 4-H members must be certified through the national educational Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) program.

This is an annual education program that can be completed via online modules ($12) or in-person training programs ($3). IN-PERSON TRAININGS HELD IN PORTER COUNTY WILL BE FREE TO PORTER COUNTY 4-H MEMBERS! (Thanks to our Porter County 4-H Council and sponsors. If your farm or business would be interested in sponsoring the YQCA program, please contact joangrott@purdue.edu.)


YQCA Objectives

YQCA is an important educational opportunity for 4-H livestock members. Making this an exhibition rule is how Indiana 4-H is ensuring that 4-H members learn about quality assurance (though actually, the program has nothing to do with animal exhibition). Indiana 4-H is requiring this program so youth learn best management practices with their animals. The YQCA program will: 

More information about YQCA is available at http://yqca.org.


2020 Program Dates - online RSVPs Required


TBD due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols.

After completion of your instructor-led training course, Porter County 4-Hers will receive a unique coupon code, courtesy of the Porter County 4-H Council. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to use your coupon code to register your participation online. Step by step instructions will be provided at the program and are available for download at the bottom of this page. 

Should you have any questions, please contact me at joangrott@purdue.edu or 465-3555.


Alternative to In-Person Training: Web-based Annual Training and Online Test-Out Options:

If you are unable to attend one of the in-person sessions, you'll need to complete the YQCA program online, at your own expense, at http://yqca.learngrow.io. Log in with your 4HOnline profile and complete the training online.  

Online Option 1: An annual certification via online modules is available at http://yqca.learngrow.io at a cost to you of $12 for the one-year certification.

Online Option 2: An online test-out option is now available at a cost to you of $36 or $48. However, individuals wishing to test out must meet the following criteria: 


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. QUESTION: I'm wondering if members whose certification has not expired under PQA for the swine project still need to complete the new YQCA program. They sound similar in content. ANSWER: According to the information I have received, youth with multi-year PQA certification will be grandfathered in until that certification expires.
  2. QUESTION: What dates will in-person workshops be held? ANSWER: See above for more information.
  3. QUESTION: Will members be required to pre-register for their preferred workshop date? ANSWER: Yes. Please RSVP at the links noted in the above information.
  4. QUESTION: Will the number of participants who can attend each session be limited? ANSWER: Yes. We anticipate that each session will be open to 30-50 4-H members. The number who can attend is dependent on size of meeting space and considerations for effective class size.
  5. QUESTION: Do I have to report online after I attend the course? ANSWER: Yes. At the conclusion of the in-person class, you will be given a coupon code (valued at $3) and written instructions on the next step, which will be to register your participation in the YQCA website that is linked to your 4HOnline account. (Step-by-step instructions are available for download at the bottom of this page.)
  6. QUESTION: Is there a quiz for the 4-Hers to complete at the conclusion of the in-person training session? ANSWER: No. Currently, the in-person YQCA program is dependent on participation, there is no quiz component. 


[UPDATED 03/27/2020]

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