2015 Pike County 4-H Enrollment Season is Here!!!

We have several changes for the 2015-16 Enrollment Season, so please read carefully. Don't hesitate to contact the Extension Office with any questions.

Pike County 4-H Program Fees --- Fees must be paid at time of enrollment.
Future 4-H'ers = $5.00 per member; no cap per household
4-H'ers = $20.00 per member, which includes $15.00 state fee and $5.00 county fee; capped at $60.00 per household

Future 4-H & 4-H Manual Order Forms --- Every member must complete an order form at enrollment.  We will be placing orders for project manuals, handbooks, supplies, and new Scoops based on these orders, so please remember to complete and return 1 form per member to the Extension Office ASAP. Forms can be downloaded below.


September 2015 Reenrollment Letter for Returning Members

4HOnline Instructions for NEW Future 4-H & 4-H Families

4HOnline Instructions for RETURNING Future 4-H & 4-H Families


2015-16 4HOnline Enrollment Form with Project Listing

2015-16 Future 4-H Project Manual Order Form - 1 member per form, please

2015-16 4-H Project Manual Order Form - 1 member per form, please


Handbooks, Resources & Forms

4-H Handbooks Will Be Revised For 2016!
In the meantime, please contact the Extension Office with any questions.

2015-16 4-H Family Guide - Great info for all 4-H families, especially new members.

2016 Mini Scoop (For Grades K-2)

2016-17 4-H Scoop (For Grades 3-12)

2016 FairEntry Instructions


2015-16 Enrollment Forms, ID Information & Deadlines

Future 4-H & 4-H Enrollments must be completed online, now through January 15, 2016.

4-H Youth Health Form

Shooting Sports Release Form

Horse & Pony Release Form

Blank Activities & Event Release Form

Future 4-H Livestock Form & Release Form - TBA

Poultry Enrollment Form - TBA

Rabbit Enrollment Form - TBA

4HOnline Animal Identification Instructions - TBA
NOTE: All Cattle, Goat, Horse, Swine, and Sheep IDs must be completed in the 4HOnline system by the species deadline in order for member to be eligible for premiums, auction, and showmanship. Worksheets and instruction sheets are for your organization only and cannot be considered proper animal identification.

Indiana 4-H Animal Livestock Lease Agreement Form - Leases are due by May 15. Note: only Dairy Heifers, Horse & Pony, and Llamas may be leased.

4-H Fair Overnight Pass