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4-H Handbooks Have Been Updated for 2015!

2015 Mini Scoop (for grades K-2) - Second Revision - March 19, 2015

2015 4-H Scoop Addendum - If your project is listed in the Addendum, please follow the revised rules carefully. If your project hasn't been updated, please refer to the 2014-15 Scoop.

2014-15 4-H Scoop (for grades 3-12)


2015 Enrollment Forms, ID Information & Deadlines

Future 4-H & 4-H Enrollments were due by January 15. For 2015 ONLY, we will accept paper enrollments without penalty until June 1. (Remember - 4-H'ers who plan to exhibit livestock and/or auction, must be registered for 4-H on or before the livestock animal identification deadline for that species.) Click here for the paper enrollment form (same form for Future & regular 4-H'ers).

4-H Youth Health Form

Shooting Sports Release Form

Horse & Pony Release Form

Blank Activities & Event Release Form

Future 4-H Livestock Form - Due May 15 - Both form and release required

Poultry Enrollment Form - Due June 1

Rabbit Enrollment Form - Due June 1

Indiana 4-H Animal Livestock Lease Agreement Form - Leases are due by May 15. Note: only Dairy Heifers, Horse & Pony, and Llamas may be leased.

NEW FOR THE 2015 FAIR: All Cattle, Goat, Horse, Swine & Sheep IDs must be completed in the 4Honline system. Worksheets and instruction sheets can be downloaded below.  Remember: Worksheets are not enrollment forms; use these worksheets to collect information and then input the data into 4HOnline no later than the specie deadline.

4-H Fair Overnight Pass - Available Soon


Remember to meet these 2015 4-H deadlines!

January 15: 4-H & Future 4-H Enrollments Due; 4-H Program Fees for members in grades 3-12 due in Extension Office

April 1: Beef & Dairy Cattle enrollments due (4Honline required)

May 15: Livestock Lease Agreements Due

May 15: Enrollments for Horse, Goat, Llama, Sheep & Swine due (4Honline required for all species)

June 1: Drop & Add deadline. Click here for the Drop/Add Form.

June 1: Poultry & Rabbit enrollment forms due (county form)

June 1: Freestyle Project Proposals due in the Extension Office. Click here for a PDF of the Freestyle project manual and forms.

June 1: Music exhibitors must declare project completion option (poster, notebook or recital); notify the Extension Office as soon as possible.

Early July: Future 4-H & 4-H projects will be due! Dates TBA.

July 12-18: 4-H Fair Week!!!


By Calla Wininger, Office Manager
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