2014 Enrollment Information

4-H Enrollment Options Youth now have two ways to enroll in Perry County 4-H. 

Option 1: Youth may enroll online at:  4-H enrollment website (Youth who enroll in this manner are not required to complete a paper 4-H enrollment form.) This option closes on February 15.

Option 2: Youth may complete a paper 4-H enrollment form using the documents at the bottom of the article.

2014 Exploring 4-H Enrollment Form (Grades K-2)

2014 4-H Enrollment Form - Prints on 8 1/2 x 14 paper (Grades 3-12)

4-H Program Fee Members in grades 3-12 pay $15 State 4-H program fee each with a maximum payment of $45 per family household address. Perry County 4-H charges an additional $5 per member with a cap of $15. No family will pay more than $60 total per household address.

K-2 members enroll for $5 each. If family has already paid $60 fee, the Explorer fee will be waived. Again, no family will pay more than $60 total per household address.

Payment options: credit card (online only), check or cash. Please make checks payable to Purdue CES Ed Fund-Perry County.

All youth must annually complete an enrollment form (online or paper) with permissions indicated and pay the State 4-H Program fee and county fee to be officially enrolled in 4-H.

4-H Membership / Completion Requirements Kindergarten through second grade youth may enroll in Exploring 4-H.

Third through twelfth grade youth may enroll in traditional 4-H. These youth will be enrolled by grade in those projects where grade designations are indicated. They will be enrolled by year in projects that do not have grade designations.

In order to complete a year in 4-H, a member must complete at least one of the projects in which they enroll for that year.

Please see the current Perry County 4-H Handbook for project exhibit requirements and general 4-H information.  New 4-H Handbooks should be available in the late winter months.

4-H Project Manual / Supply Policy The initially needed project manuals are provided by the Perry County 4-H Council at no cost to the 4-H member (not all projects require a manual). However, if it is necessary to replace these materials due to loss or other circumstances the member will be charged $5 per manual. Manuals are distributed to club leaders after information has been processed in the Extension office. Some project supplies are cost items available from the Extension Office, i.e. poster board backing, poster sleeve, salon print bags, electric supplies, and possibly others.

Project Drop / Add Date: Members may add 4-H projects until May 1 and drop until June 1.

4-H information will be sent to the 4-H member by email and/or postal mail at the address listed on the enrollment form. Newsletters are sent every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December.) When possible communication may take place via e-mail for those members/families providing the e-mail information. Please keep your address, phone number and e-mail address current with our office.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions):

Who can join 4-H? Youth in grades Kindergarten through 2 can join Exploring 4-H, a noncompetitive 4-H experience. Youth in grades 3-12 can join regular 4-H. For more information, call the Extension office or any of the club leaders listed in the club leaders' directory.

How much time do we need to invest in 4-H? It is up to you!!!! Members can choose the amount of time they spend on projects. Clubs meet based on what works for the members.  4-H lets youth set their own schedule for what works for their family! The more time youth spend in 4-H activities, the more they will gain from the experiences. 4-H has much to offer in addition to the county fair.

Do I have to enroll and pay online? No, you may register online or on paper. You can even register for 4-H online and pay in person. However, you are not considered enrolled until payment has been made and the enrollment form is signed.

What if I want to enroll in 4-H after February 15? You may join 4-H and exhibit in the fair if you complete your enrollment before February 15. If you are new to the area or new to Perry County 4-H and want to join after February 15 contact the Extension office for more information. Other exceptions may be made by contacting the Extension office. Youth may join 4-H at any time of the year, but those who enroll after February 15 may not be allowed to exhibit at the county fair.

I am not sure what club I want to be in. What do I do? When you enroll choose "Unsure at this time" for primary club. You may call the office or any club leaders to try to determine which club suits you best. You may join any club plus a county club. View the club leaders' directory for more information on clubs.

What if I want to add more projects later? You may do so by calling the office, emailing or going online. You may add projects until May 1.

The online system asks me how many years I've been in my project. What if I don't know? It is Ok if you don't know. Just take your best guess. Our office will double check.

The online system asks me if I want a 4-H manual. What do I select? We will check to see if you already received one in the division you are currently in. If you already have one, you may purchase a new one at $5 per manual. Remember, the 4-H Council purchases these, so please hold on to your manuals. Not all projects require a manual. For more information on which projects require a manual and which ones don't, check the 4-H Handbook

What if I don't want to sign consent and permissions? These are required. If you have any questions, please contact the Extension office.

What is expected of youth when they join 4-H? They should attend as many club meetings as possible and stay involved in their local club. Additionally, members who join by February 15 may exhibit at the county fair or they may complete their projects by turning it in to a leader. 

How much money will we invest in 4-H? Members in grades K-2 are asked to pay an annual fee of $5 per child. Children in grades 3-12 pay $20annually. No family will pay more than $60. In addition, there is the cost of project materials. Some projects allow members to exhibit posters, which would cost less than $5 per project to complete. After the initial fee, members can invest as little or as much into projects as they wish.

I can't afford 4-H. Are there fee waivers available? Contact the Extension office for more information. By the way, fees are an investment into the program, and it goes right back into 4-H. If a family has a hardship, contact the Extension office for information for receiving a fee waiver.

So what do you need to do to join? If you want to join 4-H you need to enroll in 4-H. Call a leader or the Extension office and ask questions before enrolling. You will need to fill out a paper form or enroll online. You will be considered enrolled once your fee is paid and the form has been signed.

Questions? Call the Extension office at 812-547-7084 or email Cathy Boerste, Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development at boerste@purdue.edu.

By Catherine L Boerste, County Extension Director
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