Expand awareness of global market opportunities for Indiana businesses.

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Increasingly, our local communities are global communities. In addition, Indiana businesses could grow economic opportunities in a range of markets — from local to global. To compete, Hoosiers must be aware of the global marketplace and how to take advantage of the opportunities it presents. Our goal is to build Indiana’s capacity to compete in a global economy by enhancing awareness of global issues, developing capacity for market and business planning, and building cultural competency.

Who We’ll Engage

We will engage community leaders, government and nongovernment organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, youth, and other residents throughout the state.

Intended Outcomes

Indiana residents will better understand global interdependence in terms of business practices, the economy, and societal issues. Community organizations, businesses, and individuals will initiate meaningful and sustainable projects, programs, and business ventures that expand market reach. In addition, organizations and businesses throughout Indiana will increase their capacity to connect with the global community with improved multicultural competency and enhanced cultural diversity among their employees.

Action Objectives

  • Conduct educational programming to enhance international business management and marketing skills.
  • Broaden community leaders’ understanding of global issues and the international marketplace by facilitating exchange programs and participating in international trade missions.
  • Provide information in support of global ventures and initiatives for Indiana residents and businesses.

Success Indicators

  • Program participants will demonstrate a greater awareness of market opportunities and challenges.
  • New projects, programs, or business ventures will engage in international work.
  • More business leaders and entrepreneurs will consider international markets when they develop their business and marketing plans.

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