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woman with folded hands​Background

One of Indiana’s strengths lies in its strong volunteer base — the many individuals who give their time and talents to serve the needs of others through community organizations. Globalization, demographic shifts, economic and political forces, and differing social values have brought about many challenges and opportunities. Not only do communities need more volunteers, those volunteers need more sophisticated skills to be effective in today’s environment. It is critical that individuals engage with their communities and develop their capacities to volunteer and to lead. Leadership that is innovative, inclusive, collaborative, and results-oriented is essential to make a difference in organizations and communities.

Who We’ll Engage

We will engage youth, volunteers, senior citizens, aspiring leaders in civic and nonprofit organizations, and elected and appointed officials who want to be more effective in their organizations and communities. We will make a special effort to reach diverse populations and engage those typically not involved in community organizations.

Intended Outcomes

More youth and adults from all segments of the community will become involved in community organizations, gain confidence to take on leadership roles, and develop skills and abilities to be more effective in leading organizations and communities.

Action Objectives

  • Compile and assess current volunteer and leadership resource materials.
  • Develop and deliver educational programs in recruitment, volunteerism, and leadership.
  • Develop online resources to expand access to resources for individuals and organizations.
  • Collaborate with relevant organizations to expand resources and impact statewide.
  • Evaluate outcomes and impact.

Success Indicators

  • The number and diversity of individuals, organizations, and communities involved in educational programs will increase.
  • Participants in our programs will report increased leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • The number of volunteer hours will increase and the financial value of those hours will be better understood.
  • Those who participate in our programs will take on new leadership roles and opportunities.

Check this site regularly to check our progress.​

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