Purdue Extension: Strategic Initiatives

For over 100 years, Purdue Extension has been Indiana’s educational partner for life. As we recently considered ways to enhance and evolve, we engaged those whom it’s our mission to serve. Nothing rivals firsthand, unfiltered responses to what we do well, what we can improve, and what initiatives​ people want.

That’s why we held over 25 Purdue Extension Community Forums and Dean’s Listening Sessions throughout Indiana in 2015. We asked for bold, blunt, and big, and people delivered. These events strengthened Purdue Extension’s ties to current stakeholders, introduced us to fresh faces that can help us reach new audiences, and inspired our most recent strategic initiatives.

You can learn more about the initiatives below — divided into categories of CHILDREN, YOUTH, AND FAMILY and COMMUNITY, ECONOMY, AGRICULTURE, AND NATURAL RESOURCES — as well as recently funded programs that will help us address them. These are by no means the only programs Purdue Extension has, or will create, to address these strategic initiatives, just those most recently funded.

These strategic initiatives reflect our current, focused priorities of growth and outreach as outlined to us by the people of the state of Indiana. They are but a fraction of the ways in which, with help from volunteers and local leaders, Purdue Extension reaches millions of people across Indiana — urban and rural, young and young at heart. To learn more about specific programs, please explore our many offerings in the areas of AgricultureCommunityEnvironmentFamilyFoodGarden, and Youth.​

The Initiatives



 Strengthening Families



 Building Effective Parenting Skills



 Supporting Career Preparation



 Promoting Healthy Living



 Enhancing Positive Life Skills


 Recently Funded Programs for Children, Youth, and Family




 Strengthening Workforce, Business, and Economic Development



 Expanding Agriculture-Related Opportunities



 Fostering Responsible Land Use and Conservation of Resources



 Creating Quality Communities



 Increasing Civic Participation and Local Government Education


 Recently Funded Programs in Community, Economy, Ag, & Natural Resources


2015 Community Forums Statewide Feedback Report: 

Purdue Extension 2016 Annual Report: ​

Purdue Extension Success Stories: ​

College of Agriculture Strategic Plan:  ​


These initiatives will help Purdue Extension:

  • Capitalize on our strengths and experience to advance, and accomplish, new goals
  • Focus resources to help us provide meaningful programs that address priority needs
  • Engage youth via Indiana 4-H and other youth-serving organizations to address important issues
  • Enhance the quality of programs to ensure optimal effectiveness and impact across Indiana
  • Deliver programming relevant to current, and emerging, needs of all people across Indiana


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