The quantity and quality of duck demanded in China has risen with disposable incomes, urban population growth, internal food safety scandals, and changing consumer tastes. It is in this rapidly evolving yet huge market that an opportunity emerges for the U.S. duck industry and the corn and soybean producers who would provide their feed.
Purdue University weed scientists have developed two time-lapse videos capturing the rapid growth of Palmer amaranth and the effect of pre-emergent herbicides used to control the aggressive and destructive weed. The videos were compiled from footage shot last year at the Purdue weed science research site in Cass County.
Purdue University faculty and staff members of a multi-university initiative to make global climate information of better use in farming will receive the College of Agriculture's 2015 TEAM award. TEAM, an acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More, is given annually to a Purdue team of professionals for their interdisciplinary achievements. This year's honorees are the Purdue members of Useful to Usable, or U2U as it is called, a climate research and education project based at Purdue.
Tractor spraying field
Purdue researchers have published a new report with updated guidelines to help farmers use nitrogen more cost effectively. The amount of nitrogen needed in a particular field varies by region and is determined by the characteristics of the soil, said Jim Camberato, co-author of the report, "Nutrient Management Guidelines for Corn in Indiana."
Palmer Amaranth growing in field
Agribusiness professionals, consultants and educators who work with farmers will learn new strategies for identifying and responding to a variety of crop problems in a series of workshops beginning in May at Purdue University's Crop Diagnostic Training and Research Center.
Lumber from Urban and Construction-Site Trees
People who are part of the "green movement" want to turn urban trees into something more valuable than firewood, mulch, or just trash for the local landfill. This publication describes the pros and cons of using urban trees for lumber and how you might find a sawyer who can turn your tree into useable lumber.
Manufacturing and Marketing Eastern Hardwood Lumber Produced by Thin Kerf Band
This book brings together a lifetime of sawmill experience and technical training to help readers solve lumber manufacturing problems and save money. Dr. Dan Cassens has spent 30 years in close association with both the hardwood lumber and veneer-producing industries, as well as with the users of hardwood products.

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