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The Indiana State Fair is the culmination of a 4-H member's work with an animal over a 4-H program year. One important part of the learning process is ensuring that all necessary registration information is complete. 4-H members and families are familiar with the 4HOnline registration system. But 4-H members showing livestock also need to know about another registration system: Exhibitor's Corner.
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Area livestock shows and livestock conferences in the state of Indiana. Check them out to increase your showmanship skills.
A maple tree with mature upright root sucker.
Q) I have a maple tree (it is either an 'October Glory' or 'Autumn Blaze') that has (what I assume to be) a rather large sucker at the bottom. The diameter of the sucker is about 2 inches, and the tree trunk is 7 inches in diameter. I have attached pictures of it from different angles. I would like to know if it is OK to remove it? I've read quite a bit about these and that late winter/early spring is a good time to remove them. - J.M., Crown Point, Indiana
Imagine a boxing match between two unlikely opponents who are as vastly different in size as a behemoth elephant and a diminutive honey bee. If it were a sanctioned sporting event it might begin with an announcer's voice . . . Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight's main event: the Heavyweight King of the Jungle title bout of West-Central Africa.
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Did you know that the bicycle was invented in 1817? This early version had no steering, pedals, or brakes and was made entirely out of wood. Lucky for us, we've come a long way with more comfortable and safer options today.
Handling Harvested Game, FNR-555-WV, video
Check out this new video by Purdue Extension FNR as wildlife biologist Bob Cordes with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife shares step by step safe handling techniques to reach your goals in providing a wholesome source of meat for you and your family.
Indiana's Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) released the new base rate for farmland at the end of February. That rate will be $1,610 for taxes in 2019 - down from $1,850 this year.

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