Those seeking to fulfill Indiana's new mandatory training requirements for the application of dicamba herbicide products on DT soybeans can attend a free webinar hosted by Purdue Extension and the Purdue Pesticide Programs.
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Area livestock shows and livestock conferences in the state of Indiana. Check them out to increase your showmanship skills.
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Q. I have two lavender plants by our front porch. I'm not sure when to trim them. One time in the fall, I pruned them back and it killed them. I replaced those and the plants are now about two years old. Should I trim/prune them in the fall or spring? If so, how much? - C.G., Knox County
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Recently, the media lit up with the news that kissing bugs are loose in the United States and are spreading a horrific, tropical sickness called Chagas disease. Like most sensational news stories, the panic is overblown, and the actual risk of contracting the disease here in the Midwest is practically nonexistent.
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Have you ever known a child who received free or reduced priced meals at school, or a family who received food stamps? Have you ever volunteered at a food pantry, soup kitchen, or community garden? Have you ever been a recipient of food from one of these places? And have you ever thought about how you can get involved to make a difference in your community?
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A common misconception among many 4-H families is they are not livestock producers; they are livestock showers in the sport of livestock exhibition. Animal ID requirements teach youth that they are a part of a larger livestock industry in which individual animal ID and traceability are important. As Indiana 4-H counties begin their animal ID processes, it's important to understand why animal ID is required to participate in county fairs and the Indiana State Fair.
What should you be doing with your indoor plants, yard, and garden in the month of March? Rosie Lerner, Purdue Extension horticulture specialist, has a list of things to check and plan for during the first month of the year.

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