Cut logs

There are several standards that need to be followed before they can be sold. Logs need to be at least 8 inch diameter inside bark small end, at least 8 feet long and straight and sound. Good grade logs do not develop until you get into the at least the 14 inch diameter rang and up. To be commercial you will need at least a semi load. The issue here is hauling and the need to have a loader to load the semi.

If the above is not an option, you might go to the Wood-Mizer web site and search for a sawyer. You will likely find one that would saw the logs for you and maybe one that would be interested in smaller quantities of logs.

You might also check with any local sawmill operation or district forester. 

Wood-Mizer - find a local portable sawmill service
Indiana District Foresters
Forestry and Natural Resources Extension Workshops (Hardwood Lumber workshop)
The Education Store, place keyword "lumber" in search field and find large list of resources.
Got Nature? - Ask a question and receive resources from our Purdue FNR specialists.

Dan Cassens, professor of wood products
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
Purdue University