The Purdue University Turf Team will present its second annual Basic Sports Turf Workshop on June 10 to help new and experienced athletic field managers better prepare and care for their fields.

The workshop is an excellent learning and networking opportunity for anyone managing an athletic field, said Cale Bigelow, a faculty member in the Purdue Turfgrass Program and an event organizer.

"It is particularly well-suited for those managing youth fields because we will be providing the most current information about cultural management practices and equipment so that these managers can provide safe, consistent playing conditions," he said.

The event again includes a half-day morning classroom session at the W.H. Daniel Turfgrass Research and Diagnostic Center on the Purdue campus and an afternoon session on an athletic field.

The morning session will cover topics including selecting grass and seed for Indiana athletic fields, fundamental maintenance practices, and answers to frequently asked questions about athletic field pests.

In the afternoon session, participants will learn about the operation and calibration of ride-on spreaders and sprayers as well as the selection and use of soil amendments and conditioners for baseball and softball fields. This portion of the workshop will be held at a local youth athletic complex.

The workshop, presented in conjunction with the Indiana Sports Turf Managers Association, is intended for those seeking entry-level knowledge or as a refresher for experienced athletic field managers.

Participants will receive breakfast, coffee and snacks, a box lunch, and a copy of the Purdue Extension publication Calibrating Ride-on Pesticide Sprayers and Fertilizer Spreaders: Keys to Application Accuracy.

The workshop is limited to 70 people. For registration details, contact Tammy Goodale at 765-494-8039 or Participants can register online at