For over a century, hardwood lumber has been inspected and graded by human inspectors with appropriate training and experience. National Hardwood Lumber Association is the “keeper” of the rules for the inspection of hardwood lumber and provider of the training of lumber inspectors. In the age when computers, sensors and scanners are ever more present in our lives, this event will demonstrate a working, industrial-grade system of software and hardware that can be used to assist human graders to become more efficient in inspecting lumber, or to grade lumber automatically. Demonstration will include hardwood species of white oak, red oak, hard maple, soft maple, ash, poplar, hickory, basswood and cherry.

Hardwood sawmills, distribution and concentration yards, lumber sales, furniture factories, and other hardwood enthusiasts, will not want to miss this opportunity.

Automated Hardwood Lumber Grading Demonstration
March 28, 2017
9:30am to 2:30pm Eastern

Location: Pike Lumber Company, 719, Front Street, Akron, IN 46910
Instructors: Dr. Rado Gazo, Logan Wells and Vojtech Krs, Purdue University,
Registration: The registration fee is $90. Lunch will be provided. Space is limited. If there is a sufficient interest, program will be repeated on March 29, 2017.
Safety: Each attendee assumes responsibility for his/her own safety. Please bring earplugs, safety glasses and steel-toed shoes.
Presented by: Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association; National Hardwood Association; Pike Lumber Company; Microtec Company; Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources; and IN-MaC: Indiana Next Generation Manufacturing Competitiveness Center and Purdue-Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

Attendees will participate in examining the sample lumber and have the opportunity to discuss the step-by-step process of the Microtec Goldeneye lumber scanner. Lunch will be provided.

Registration: Automated Hardwood Lumber Grading Demonstration (pdf 89.7kb)

Hardwood Scanning, Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
Microtec Goldeneye Scanner video,,

Rado Gazo, professor of wood processing and industrial engineering
Purdue Department of Forestry and Natural Resources