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Are you a grandparent who is caring for a grandchild? Are you a close family friend or relative who is parenting a child because their biological parents no longer can? If you answered yes, then you are considered to be a kinship or resource parent. Resource parents includes kinship parents, as well as foster and adoptive parents. KEEPP is both a parenting educational program and a research study that is being conducted by Purdue University whose classes are specifically designed for kinshi
A 4-Her with her Sheep project
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State 4-H trips offer students the chance to have a hands on experience with their choice of expertise area. Some of these camps include Vet, Small Animal, Large Animal, Sheep, Swine, Horses and Goats. Campers spend their camp time at Purdue University learning about their desired field..
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We offer an expansive and diverse range of projects to complete for 4-H! We offer select workshops for certain projects to better educate and round out youths' 4-H experience. Browse below to download project-specific requirements. If you have a question about a project, please call 812-829-5020
Collecting Forms at the Fair!
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Needed forms for 4-H. Included forms are the Points sheet, the Health form, the General Record Sheet, the label for projects, and the 4-H Achievement record. 4-H Fair Schedule when released is also below.
4-H Life Skill Development - Part of the Strategic Plan for Owen County
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4-H Mission, Vision and Strategic Initiatives for 2013-18 in Owen County 4-H
Bringing in Projects
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Mini 4-H is for 4-Hers that are kindergarten through second grade. There are tons of different projects to do and the kids will have lots of fun doing it.
Cookery Rules
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Meats judging practice classes below for youth will be added.

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