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Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the produce section of your local grocery store? There are so many different fruits and vegetables to choose from and knowing how to select and prepare the varieties can be a challenge. Kale is becoming quite popular and provides many health benefits! Kale chips can be a great snack in place of potato chips while providing a lot of nutrients at the same time.
Semi Savory Spinach
As more and more people are concerning themselves with weight control and health it is important to keep in mind the body's necessity for certain nutrients in order to function properly. Did you know the dark leafy green vegetable, spinach, is high in nutritional benefits?
Owen County Extension Homemakers
The Owen County Extension Homemakers strive to help families maintain health, live together harmoniously and make the most of their resources. Not an Extension Homemaker? Come join us! There is always lots of fun, fellowship and sharing as we learn and grow as individuals and in our families!

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