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4-H robotics is engineering for today and tomorrow... Owen 4-H has a summer robotics program where youth can have fun learning the scientific method and have fun with robotics along the way.
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Color Run June 4,2016
According to the 2013 Community Assessment for Older Adults in Owen and Monroe Counties, 50% of adults are caregivers. Through various community programming efforts, we have seen that caregiving is a tough job and one that often goes unnoticed with little support for the people giving care. Please complete this brief survey that will be used to asses the needs of caregivers and identify the strengths and gaps within caregiving in order to improve resources for our communities.
Owen County Extension Homemakers
The Owen County Extension Homemakers strive to help families maintain health, live together harmoniously and make the most of their resources. Not an Extension Homemaker? Come join us! There is always lots of fun, fellowship and sharing as we learn and grow as individuals and in our families!

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