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Why Insects Don't Have Wheels

March 3, 2021
toy caterpillar with wheels

The other day I found myself pondering one of life’s biggest entomological questions. Pondering is not an uncommon activity for me. A large part of my job is to think. I spend a good part of most days thinking, sometimes up to 16 hours. Purdue University pays my salary on a yearly basis, probably because it could not afford to pay me hourly. I once tried to explain this to my department head. Like you, he was amazed. His jaw dropped and he could hardly respond. Lots of people seem to be astounded by how much thinking I actually do.

The question I was contemplating was this.  Why don’t insects have wheels? I was in my office, staring out the window. It was the beginning of another semester on campus. Students were all around, bustling every which way to get to their next class. What struck me was how many of them had wheels.


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