Below is the 2016 edition of the Northeast Indiana Farmers Market Guide, including Farmers Markets and farm stands (direct-to-consumer).
Spring season is mole season, and a Purdue specialist recently offered advice on the biology of moles and tips for trapping moles. Dr. Brian MacGowan, Purdue Extension wildlife specialist, posted the following advice on moles in Purdue's Got Nature? Blog at:
I have received a couple of requests recently on an interesting phenomenon that sometimes happens in home lawns. They are called "fairy rings," and they appear as dark green circular bands in home lawns. Occasionally mushrooms appear from the ring. While they can present problems for golf courses and other professional turf managers, in the home lawn this condition is fairly inconsequential.
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Noble County ANR news articles, news releases and newsletters
Noble County news releases and news articles
Private applicators are individuals who spray restricted use pesticides or apply manure from a confined feeding operation (CFO) to their own land. The license is active for a period of five years. Private applicators must attend three private applicator recertification programs (PARPs) within that five year period to keep their license active and avoid the need to re-test. No more than two programs may be attended for credit in any one calendar year.

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