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January 17, 2020

4-H'er must turn in a completed GRADE APPROPRIATE QUESTION/ANSWER SHEET, or an ACTIVITY SHEET THAT HAS BEEN COMPLETED AT A LIVESTOCK WORKSHOP, and a completed, signed record sheet on or before JUNE 29, 2020 4:00 PM. to the Extension Office.  No records, or late/incomplete record sheets/manuals/Q & A sheets will result in an exhibit being considered for EXHIBITION ONLY—NO PLACING/NO AUCTION.

OBJECTIVE: For youth to accept responsibility, learn about economical production of lambs and wool, gain an interest in lambs, love and respect them and meet with youth of mutual interest.

GENERAL Sheep Project RULES: See "4-H Rules and Policies" in the front of your handbook.

1. Lambs will be weighed in on Monday, Livestock entry day, from 4 PM to 6 PM only. Sheep may arrive to the Fairgrounds and be penned from 8 AM to 6 PM on check in day.
2. All lambs must meet health requirements of the fair to be eligible for the show. Refer to official Health requirements section. Animals must arrive slick-shorn (1/8 inch of wool or less) for inspection at arrival unless fleece length is breed appropri-ate for breeding ewes.
3. Lambs must be penned in designated pens in the Sheep barn, and remain there until released. Lambs not being exhibited in the market lamb or breeding ewe show, are not permitted to be in the Sheep Barn. Lambs found to not be in compli-ance with this will disqualify the exhibitor from exhibiting at the current years’ show.
4. All sheep must remain within 60 feet of the Sheep and Goat pens at all times and cannot go across the main road going through the Fairgrounds. Lambs must use the sheep wash rack only. Any lambs found to be elsewhere, or past the 60 feet limit, will be disqualified.
5. An exhibitor must show his own exhibit. In case of sickness or other difficulties, a substitute may be made. The substitute must be a Noble County 4-H member. The Superintendent must be notified of the change in advance of the show.
6. ALL LAMBS must be ear tagged with a 5-digit County tag at designated time and location set up by the 4-H Sheep Committee to be eligible to show. All Sheep must be identified in the Indiana 4-H Online Animal ID system
by May 15 . The online animal ID website is located at: https://
7. Start records on lambs when you get them, and in no case later than May
1st and finish the feed record by July 1st (Lambs should be secured early in April to assure they will meet the weight requirements by exhibit time.) The 4-H Sheep Committee may spot check lambs any time after May 15th to see that they are onthe 4-H members’ premises. Lambs that are missing from the premises without
a Non-Home Reasons Form on file in the Extension Office will be disqualified, and ineligible to show.
8. There will be a $10 per pen fee that MUST be paid before 4-H’er can receive their weigh tickets. $5 per pen will be refunded if 4-H’er and/or members of
their family are present, and working, at both pen set up, and tear down. Lamb pen(s) must be bedded with shavings, sawdust, bark/mulch, or ground
cobs. Straw, hay, or paper bedding will not be allowed.
9. A member may exhibit no more than five (5) market lambs and six (6) breeding ewes.
10. All market lambs as well as Dorset Advantage(White Face Cross), Southdown, Shropshire, Texel and Commercial ewes must be slick-shorn to 1/8 inch of wool, or less, before entering the barn. Lambs are allowed to have forearm and belly/flank wool that exceeds 1/8 inch. Ewes cannot arrive intended to show as a fitted ewe then sheared to show as a slick.
11. No animal may be shown in both breeding and market classes.
12. Only one lamb will be sold individually, the rest to be sold at supported prices (group). If not notified within ONE HALF HOUR after the show, the Superintendent will proceed to sell the top placed animal. NO CHANGING OF LAMBS THEREAFTER.
13. If a 4-H'er has the Grand Champion Ewe and/or Champion Commercial Ewe, and they also show a market lamb, they will have the choice of selling the market lamb AND a fleece from the Grand Champion Ewe or Commercial Ewe in the auction. 4-H members may sell 2 Sheep related items ONLY through the Auction, no other livestock species.
14. All animals not to be sold in the Auction will be released and must be removed from the grounds between 4 PM on 6 PM on Thursday. However, they must be checked out by the Superintendent or persons designated by him. Lambs going to Auction must have feed and water until animals are loaded out on Saturday.
15. Every 4-H Sheep member must keep their pens clean, remove feed pans or have hanging feeders, and sweep aisles every night, or they will not be eligible to sell their animal at Auction. This is at the discretion of the 4-H Sheep Committee.
16. Pens will be assigned as follows: 3 market lambs/breeding ewes or 2 yearling ewes minimum per pen.
17. Committee decisions are FINAL!

General Class and Breed Rules

Ewe Lambs
Yearling Ewes

(3) Single Market Lamb
(4) Pen of 2 Market Lambs

19. All lambs must be shown according to the way they are ID’ed on the Indiana Online Animal ID system and a copy of the 4-H Sheep ID information must be with the lambs when they weigh at the fair.
20. In order to have a breed class, there has to be at least two (2) animals of that breed at the Fair. Current breeds are : Black Face Cross, Dorset, Hamp-hire, Natural Color, Noble County Born & Raised, Oxford, Shropshire, Southdown, Suffolk and White Face Cross. Any other breeds and/or existing breeds with less than two (2) animals present will be shown in the All Other Breeds (AOB) class.
21. Sifting and inspection of lambs will be done prior to entering the
scales. Blankets, leg covers and muzzles must be removed during the entire sifting and weighing process.
22. Lambs exhibiting in the Noble County Born & Raised class MUST be born and raised in Noble County, as well as possessing a USDA Scrapie tag stating a Noble County Flock. All non 4-H tags must be covered. Tape will be provided by the 4-H Sheep Committee.
24. Ewe Lambs either purebred or grade must be born after September 1st of the previous year. Animals exhibited in the ewe lamb classes must still have their lamb's teeth intact. Lambs with broken mouths or showing evidence of yearling teeth, will show in a yearling class. Determination of yearling ewes’ teeth will be at the discretion of the judge.
25. Yearling breeding ewes either purebred or grade must have been dropped before September 1 of previous year.
26. All breeding sheep may be exhibited either shorn or with full fleece except for Dorset Advantage (White Face Cross), Shropshire, Southdown, Texel and Com-mercial ewes. All Dorset Advantage (White Face Cross), Shropshire, Southdown and Commercial ewes must be slick shorn for exhibition.
27. All lambs may be either registered or grade. Grade ewes for breeding classes must be sired by a purebred ram.
28. All ewe lambs and yearling ewes will be weighed, ewes will show by breed with classes broken on weight.
29. All market lambs must be under one (1) year-of-age on show day and still have their lamb's teeth intact.
30. All market lambs will be weighed, Market lambs will show by breed with classes broken on weight.
31. To be eligible for the Pen of 2 Market Lamb the exhibitor must be showing at least 2 lambs in the market show—breeding sheep are not eligible. Pen of 2 market lambs cannot be from multiple showmen.

32. The showmanship competition is divided into five classes (see Showmanship under "4-H Rules and Policies").

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