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January 16, 2020


4-H'ers must turn in a completed GRADE APPROPRIATE QUESTION/ANSWER SHEET, or an ACTIVITY SHEET THAT HAS BEEN COMPLETED AT A LIVESTOCK WORKSHOP, and a completed signed record sheet  ON OR BEFORE JUNE 29, 2020, 4:00 PM. to the Extension Office.   No records, or late/incomplete record sheets/Q & A sheets will result in an exhibit being considered for EXHIBITION ONLY—NO PLACING/NO AUCTION.

General Rules: See "4-H Rules and Policies" in the front of your handbook.

1. All birds are to be raised by the 4-H Club member, and owned by May 15th of the current year, excluding broilers and roasters. All birds possibly coming to the Fair MUST be ID’ed, via paper enrollment form by May 15th of the current year. Broilers and roasters must be noted on the enrollment form, but are exempt from being in your possession; (please see age requirements noted further in this section). The final list will be submitted on FairEntry, based solely upon the May 15th list, by June 22, 2020 by the member. It is the sole responsibility of the 4-H member to ensure that the bird is properly identified and registered in the proper show and class.  Birds cannot be switched between Commercial and Exhibition shows after check in. Members may delete birds after the FairEntry deadline, but cannot add birds after that date. Members must bring their Flock Addition/Removal records to check in.

2. Exhibitors must feed, water, and care for their own birds daily. Exhibitors must furnish their own feed at the fair. All Poultry members are responsible to keep the barn clean and inviting for visitors to walk through. No supplies are to be stored on, or below, the cages. The following rules will be enforced:
     A. All pens, including bottom pens and ground pens must be cleaned by 7 PM each night.
          1. Poultry Committee members will check each pen for the following:
               I. Clean and dry shavings.
               II. The animal has feed and water.
               III. Tack areas are kept organized.
          2. Poultry members will be given one warning only, and if a member still disregards the pen check, they will not be allowed to sell their poultry through the auction. They will still be able to load the animal to the buyer at support price.

3. Each member may show a maximum of 8 birds, and have no more than 2 birds on the judging table at any one time (pullets, cockerels, hens and cocks, with the exception of Champion, Reserve Champion, Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion judging. For the Commercial Show you are allowed one (1) entry per class. For the Exhibition show you are allowed two (2) entries per class. Members may not show more than 2 birds of same variety. (Male—Female; Old—Young). (Breed—Leghorn, Rock, Cochin, etc., Variety - color variation: white, red, barred). Birds will be cooped as shown, 1 or 2 birds per cage.

4.  All exhibits will be ranked on the Danish system: Blue, Red, and White ribbon quality.

5. Exhibitors should be present for judging and auction of their own birds. Check with superintendent by day of show/auction.  Any member not present for judging without the approval of the Superintendent, forfeits the judging of the exhibit.  All members will be expected to wear blue jeans (unless over 100°, then finger tip length shorts will be allowed), and a plain white shirt, or 4-H Poultry Club shirt, on day of show.

6. All birds to be exhibited must meet State Health requirements. Birds showing parasites such as lice or leg mites or other health problems will not be permitted to show or stay in the barn. See General Health Requirements in front of your Handbook.

7. It is recommended that members should not take live birds back to their home flocks unless the birds that are exhibited are isolated from other birds for a period of at least two weeks. All Poultry not going through the auction MUST BE REMOVED from the Fairgrounds the night before the auction between 4:00 and 8:00 PM, unless otherwise posted in the barn by the 4-H Poultry Committee. They must be checked out by the 4-H Poultry Committee.

8. $1 per coop charge, plus a $5 deposit per family for building watch and clean up, refundable when barn is cleaned, between 4 PM and 6 PM, on release day only. There is a $3.00 (per bird) blood testing charge, unless you have a receipt
from the hatchery stating that your bird(s) has been tested within the last 12 months. (See page 23 of your handbook, Poultry Health requirements).

9. Poultry will be checked in Saturday from 12 Noon to 4 PM.

10. Showmanship judging will begin at 4 PM on Monday in the Swine Show Arena. Exhibition Poultry judging begins at 5 PM on Monday, in the Swine Show Arena.         

11. Commercial Poultry will show on Wednesday at 5 PM in the Swine Show Arena. Members must declare birds for auction within one half hour of the end of the Commercial show. LATE AUCTION ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. A 4-H MEMBER MAY AUCTION 1 PEN OF COMMERCIAL BIRD(S) ONLY.

12. No parent conferences with the judge will be permitted until after the show.
Failure to do so will result in member being knocked down 1 placing.

13. The Poultry Committee is not responsible for any birds’ death, injury, or escape during the judging or Fair week.

14. Showmanship: See General 4-H rules for showmanship classes in your handbook. This will be a test of members general skills and knowledge of poultry. The top five in each division will be placed and awarded.

15. All birds are to be placed in the cages assigned to them by the Superintendent and/or Assistant Superintendent.

16. Egg Judging Contest will be an optional activity members may participate in.

Commercial classes will be judged with special attention given to growth, development, and production qualities. A Champion and Reserve Champion in each class will be chosen. A Commercial Best of Show trophy will then be awarded to the best of the Commercial Champions.
1. Pullets: 2 birds of laying breed, under 1 year of age at time of show.
2. Hens: 2 birds of laying breed, over 1 year of age at time of show.
3. Broilers: 2 birds of the same sex, 6-8 weeks old and not over 5 1/2 pounds.
4. Roasters: 2 birds of same sex, 8-12 weeks old, weighing 5 1/2 to 10 pounds. Out of weight range is disqualification.
5. Turkey: one bird, either sex, 4-6 months old.
6. Waterfowl: One bird, meat type duck (Pekin, Muscovey. etc.) or meat type goose (Embden, etc.), hatched after Jan 1 of current year.

Exhibition classes will be judged according to the Standard of Perfection as set by the APA. A Best of Show trophy for Exhibition Poultry will be awarded to the best of the Exhibition Champions.
1. Standard Chickens:
          A. American          
          B. Asiatic               
          C. Continental         
          D. English 
          E. Game 
          F. Mediterranean 
          G. Miscellaneous
     *A Best Bird in each sub group will be judged for Champion and Reserve Champion Standard Chicken. See 4-H Poultry Manual. 

2. Bantam Chickens:
          A. Modern Game                             
          B. Old English Game                        
          C. Single Comb, Other than Game     
          D. Rose Comb, Clean legged
          E. Other Comb, Clean legged
          F. Feather Legged
      *A Best Bird in each sub group will be judged for Champion and Reserve Champion Bantam Chicken. See 4-H Poultry Manual.

3. Noble County Born and Raised Poultry. Poultry shown in this class may not be shown in any other Exhibition or Commercial class; it will also count as one of your two of the breed (i.e. Jersey Giant cock/cockerel in this class, and a Jersey Giant Hen in the standard class; you cannot show two cocks/cockerels).
  *A Champion and Reserve Champion will be chosen from this group.

4. Turkeys—All Breeds.
  *A Champion and Reserve Champion Turkey will be chosen from all turkeys.

5. Waterfowl:
     A. Ducks: I. Heavy II. Medium III. Light IV. Bantam.
     B. Goose: I. Heavy II. Medium III. Light.
  *A Best Bird in each sub group will be judged for Champion and Reserve Champion Waterfowl. See 4-H Poultry manual..
  *A Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will be chosen from the Champion Exhibition Standard Chicken, Champion Exhibition Bantam Chicken, Champion Exhibition Turkey and Champion Exhibition Waterfowl categories only.

6. Exotics: (shown in cages)
     A. Pheasant (ring necked, silver, red, etc.)
     B. Quail
     C. Guineas
     D. Peafowl
  *A Champion and Reserve Champion will be named in each sub group. The Champion of each sub group will be judged for Grand Champion Standard Exotic and Reserve Grand Champion Standard Exotic.
  *A Game Breeder’s license is required for Ring Neck Pheasant and Bob White Quail ownership. A copy of the license must be submitted at check in.

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