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Dairy Goat

January 8, 2020

OBJECTIVE: For youth to accept responsibility, learn about the economical production of goat's milk, gain an interest in Dairy Goat, love and respect them and to meet with youth of mutual interests.

GENERAL RULES: See "4-H Rules and Policies" in the front of your handbook.

4-H'ers must turn in a completed GRADE APPROPRIATE QUESTION/ANSWER SHEET, or an ACTIVITY SHEET THAT HAS BEEN COMPLETED AT A LIVESTOCK WORKSHOP, and a completed, signed record sheet to THE EXTENSION OFFICE ON OR BEFORE JUNE 29, 2020, 4:00 PM. No records, or late/incomplete record sheets/Q & A sheets will result in an exhibit being considered for EXHIBITION ONLY—NO PLACING/NO AUCTION.

Goats are to be brought to the Fair between 8 AM and 6 PM on Monday.

1. All Dairy Goats must be identified in the Indiana 4-H Online Animal ID system by May 15. The online animal ID website is located at: IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE 4-H’ER TO IDENTIFY THEIR ANIMALS AT 4-H ONLINE. THE EXTENSION OFFICE WILL NOT ID ANY ANIMALS ONLINE.

Feed records should be started by January 1 or when animal is acquired. All records must be started by May 1. Prior to, but by May 1st, animals must be owned and cared for by the 4-H member, and remain under the same continuous ownership or lease agreement until show day of the Noble County Fair. Animals not owned must be on a completed lease form that will be turned in to the Extension Office by May 15th. Breeding stock only may be leased. The 4-H member must own market wethers.
     a. Wethers must have an ear tag for identification, and will be ear tagged on Sheep/Boer Goat/Dairy Goat tagging day in May.
     b. Registration papers, or Recordation papers, and tattoos are required for all does, and the registration/recordation papers must be shown at check in.

2. All animals must meet the State Health Requirements. (See Heath Requirement Section).

3. Members must sign up for all classes before the day of the show. For group classes, goats do not need to be named, but entry must be submitted before the day of the show.

4. There is to be no body clipping at the Fair, you may only do touch-up trimming during the Fair. Animals should be body clipped two weeks prior to the Fair.

5. All goats will show against each other in classes listed. Show will be run by specific classes as listed. The show will be run using A.D.G.A. 4-H and FFA rules, except when they conflict with county rules. Exhibitor limited to two entries per class. Second handler must be a 4-H member.
     A) The 7 major breeds recognized by ADGA:
          Alpine     LaMancha     Nubian
           Oberhasli       Saanen       Toggenburg
          Nigerian Dwarf (breeding stock only, not wethers)
     B) Dairy animals which are not one of these above listed pure breeds will be assigned by the superintendent to the breed they most closely resemble.

6. Classes will be:
     A. Doe born after April 1. Junior.
     B. Doe born March 1 to March 31. Intermediate.
     C. Doe born January 1 to February 28. Senior.
     D. Doe 1 year and under 2 (dry)
     E. Doe 1 year and under 2 (milking)
     F. Doe 2 years and under 3
*Any doe 2 years of age or older should be milking at Fair time. Does not milking are not allowed to show unless authorized by the Superintendent (all attempts have been made in breeding).
     G. Doe 3 years and under 5
     H. Doe 5 years and older
     I. Mother-Daughter Class
          a. Wet daughter class.
          b. Dry daughter under 2 years. Entry must be in name of owner of mother. Daughter may be owned by another 4-H'er but must be shown in her respective class.
          c. Produce of Dam: Two daughters out of the same Dam. Dam does not need to be shown; she may be living or dead. Both does must be shown in their respective classes, but may be owned by two different 4-H'ers.
          d. Get of Sire class (consisting of 3 does from the same sire).
          e. Best 3 Does.
     J. Wethers - must be from one of the 6 recognized ADGA Dairy Goat breeds.
          a. Dairy wethers must be from 100% dairy breeding. Anything other than 100% must be shown in the market meat wether goat class. Any animal which is in question of not being 100% dairy breeding will be reviewed by 3 or more members of the 4-H Goat Committee, who will make a recommendation to the Goat Superintendent. The Superintendent will designate if the animal will be shown as a Dairy wether, or as a Boer market meat wether.
          b. They will be exhibited in weight classes. They may be exhibited at any weight but should weigh 50 pounds or more to be sold through the auction, unless the buyer is in agreement to a lesser weight.
     K. Milk Production Contest:
          1). First Freshener
          2). All other in milk.

7. All goats who are in milk shall be required to be milked out at posted time.

8. Those receiving blue award in each class will return for champion and plaques.

9. All goats competing for championship honors who are in milk may be required by the judge to be milked before final awards are made.


11. Every goat must wear a collar and have a tie chain available if needed. Only goats to be shown are allowed on the grounds.

12. All goats must be dehorned or disbudded.

13. SHOWMANSHIP: The showmanship competition will be divided into five classes: (See Showmanship under "4-H Rules and Policies" in your handbook.)

14. A 1st year 4-H Dairy Goat member may show a dairy goat wether only, if they desire a first year project. They may exhibit a dry or milking doe, also. 2nd through 10th year members must exhibit a dairy goat doe in order to exhibit a dairy goat wether.

15. Each 4-H Dairy Goat member is allowed to sell one (1) Wether goat through the 4-H Auction. The one Wether must have been exhibited and judged in the County Fair 4-H Dairy Goat Show. The Wether must be born after January 1 and before June 1 of current year and castrated within 60 days of birth.

16. Milk Production—A 4-H'er must milk doe he/she has entered in the class unless otherwise indicated by the superintendent.

17. If your animals are not fed and watered properly when checked daily by Superintendent, the 4-H'er will not be allowed to show. NO EXCEPTIONS!

18. There will be a $10 pen fee per pen. $5 will be refunded after cleanup of both the Open Dairy Goat Show and Fair, if member participates in both cleanups.

19. All Goat Club members participating in the show are urged to remain in the goat barn for the entire show.

20. One entry per 4-H exhibitor for each group class.

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