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January 7, 2020

OBJECTIVES: To develop talents and understanding of:
1. Dairy production practices.
2. Importance of cleanliness and sanitation in production of dairy products.
3. Nutritive value of milk and dairy products.
4. Contributions of science and its application to the dairy industry.
5. To provide educational experiences through training activities and wholesome competition.

4-H'ers must turn in a completed GRADE APPROPRIATE QUESTION/ANSWER SHEET, or an ACTIVITY SHEET THAT HAS BEEN COMPLETED AT A LIVESTOCK WORKSHOP, and a completed, signed record sheet to THE EXTENSION OFFICE ON OR BEFORE June 29, 2020 4:00 PM. No records, or late/incomplete record sheets/Q & A sheets will result in an exhibit being considered for EXHIBITION ONLY—NO PLACING/NO AUCTION.

See "4-H Rules and Policies" in the front of your handbook.


1. ENROLLMENT -All Dairy cattle must be identified in the Indiana 4-H Online Animal ID system by May 15. The online animal ID website is located at: IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE 4-H’ER TO IDENTIFY THEIR ANIMALS AT 4-H ONLINE. THE EXTENSION OFFICE WILL NOT ID ANY ANIMALS ONLINE.

2. ENROLLMENT IS LIMITED to two animals per class for county exhibit purpose, but 4-H’er may only exhibit one animal per class at the county fair. Those members who wish to enroll a second animal in any class for State Fair show purposes should ID that animal by the May 15th deadline on the Indiana 4-H Online Animal ID system.

3. REGISTRATION: All animals must be registered or identified with a recognized breed association, and a certificate of registration or identification to the superintendent in charge of the dairy exhibits showing that the EXHIBITOR OWNS the animal either entirely or in partnership (PARTNERSHIP MUST LIST THE GIVEN NAME OF THE EXHIBITOR) or leased, subject to the approval of the written lease, by the 4-H Dairy Lease Sub-committee, on or before May 1. Spring Calf, Winter Calf, Fall Calf and Summer Yearling must be in the possession of the member, the record started and the ownership established not later than MAY 1. All Dairy Cattle are now required to have an RFID tag.

*Exhibitors may show “Identified Grade” cattle. Cattle must have Photo ID, turned into the Extension Office by May 15th.

4. 4-H member's name must be on the certificate showing possession in order to exhibit at the County 4-H Fair. The Dairy committee will check all Registration Papers at the Fair and if not in order, the animal will not show.

Spring Calf                                  Born 3/1/20 or later

Winter Calf                                  Born 12/1/19-2/28/20

Fall Calf                                       Born 9/1/19-11/30/19

Summer Yearling                        Born 6/1/19-8/31/19

Spring Yearling                           Born 3/1/19-5/31/19

Winter Yearling                           Born 12/1/18-2/28/19

Fall Yearling                                Born 9/1/18-11/30/18

Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion of Breeds

Dry cow                                       All ages

Junior 2-year-old cow                Born 3/1/18-8/31/18

2-year-old cow                           Born 9/1/17-2/28/18

3-year-old cow                           Born 9/1/16-8/31/17

4 year-old cow                           Born 9/1/15 to 8/31/16

5 year-old cow                          Born prior to Aug. 31, 2015

Senior Champion and Reserve Senior Champion of Breeds

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion of Breeds

Best Udder Overall Supreme Champion of All Breeds

5. CHAMPIONS -Will be declared only if there are at least three (3) animals of the same breed exhibited. First place trophies awarded only in classes of three (3) or more animals. In breeds less than three (3) animals a champion will be picked on discretion of the judge. A Supreme Champion will be chosen only when at least two (2) Breed Champion are awarded.

6. Milking machines will be provided at the fair for those desiring to use them. Proceeds from the sale of milk are used for the benefits of the 4-H Dairy program.

7. SHOWMANSHIP: The showmanship competition is divided into five classes. (See Showmanship under "4-H Rules and Policies" in your handbook.)

8. All 4-H Dairy will be released at 4:00 p.m. on Thursday.

9. All State Fair 4-H Dairy entries should be made online by June 1st.

10. All animals must meet the State Health Requirements. (See Heath Requirement Section in your 4-H handbook).

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