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Cat Poster

January 6, 2020

State Fair Exhibit - 1 educational poster exhibit per division

The 4-H Cat Poster project is intended to be a regular project that 4-H'ers sign up for at the time of initial enrollment. The project is not intended to be an alternative or substitute exhibit for the 4-H Cat Care project. Example: If your cat dies or you cannot show it for health reasons, your animal project will be considered complete if a record is turned in, and you will receive a participation ribbon. Only those 4-H members signing up for the 4-H Cat Educational Poster will be considered for State Fair eligibility at time of Open Judging.

To promote educational displays by 4-H members who enjoy developing a poster exhibit, the following classes shall be offered:  
Junior – 4-H'ers in grades 3, 4 and 5
Intermediate - 4-H'ers in grades 6, 7 and 8
Senior - 4-H'ers in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12

Completed record sheets are due into the Extension Office on or before June 29,2020, 4:00 PM. No records, or late/incomplete record sheets will result in an exhibit being considered for EXHIBITION ONLY—NO PLACING.

Use a 22"x 28" poster board with stiff backing, and a clear protective covering, properly labeled. (See Poster Construction Rules on page 24 of your handbook).

The following suggestions are ideas for development of educational cat posters. 4-H'ers need not be limited by or to just these mentioned topics.

     Junior: Cat Care, Cat Breeds, Litter Training, Treating My Cat With Care and Respect, Cat Responsibilities, Grooming Skills, Training My Cat, Declawing- Good or Not, Neutering/Spaying, I Lost My Cat, Determining Cat Costs,
Traveling With My Cat, My Cat's Safety.

     Intermediate: National Cat Fancier Association, A Cat Clinic, Here Comes the Judge, Training With Extra Praise, Let's Decide For My Cat, Careers Related to Cats, Should My Cat Have Kittens?, Types of Cat Food, Feeding My Cat, Things I've Learned, Insect Pests, Cat Tails Talk, Symptoms of Ill Health, My Visiting Pet Therapy Program, Cats Get Old Too!, Saying Goodbye.

     Senior: Understanding a Cat Show, Planning a Cat Business, Am I a Role Model?, Cat Genetics, Cat Organs and Systems, Exploring Careers, Learning About Leadership, My Cat Quiz Bowl, Teaching Others, Having Fun Learning, It's The Law!, Protecting Our Environment, Issues of Animal Welfare/Rights, Additional ideas and topics are available in the Extension Office.

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