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Poultry Poster/Poultry Science Display

January 16, 2020

State Fair Exhibit - 1 educational poster/science exhibit per division

     Beginner (grades 3-5)
     Intermediate (grades 6-8)
     Advanced (grades 9-12)

Exhibit: Develop an idea and build it into an attractive poster or display, as well as, learn the aspects of some part of the poultry industry. (See Poster Constructions rules on page 24 of your handbook.) Poultry Science Displays must occupy a space no longer than 30” deep x 48” wide x 72” high.

Suggested topics: Poultry parts, breeds of poultry and/or water fowl, selection and judging, poultry care, poultry showmanship tips, poultry behavior, poultry feed, grading eggs, disease prevention, selecting and judging, flock management plan, food safety tips, poultry products, country of origin, history of poultry, internal organs of a bird, backyard poultry tips, commercial poultry industry, poultry diseases, poultry pests, poultry health tips, poultry nutrition, parts of an egg, hatching chicks, careers in poultry, poultry genetics, poultry and animal rights, poultry and protecting our environment, preparing your poultry for the fair.

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