A 4-H Rabbit record sheet, and Question & Answer sheet, completely filled out, and with 4-H member, parents and 4-H Leader signatures, MUST BE TURNED INTO THE EXTENSION OFFICE ON OR BEFORE JULY 2, 2018, 4:00 PM. No records, or late/incomplete record sheets/Q & A sheets will result in an exhibit being considered for EXHIBITION ONLY—NO PLACING/NO AUCTION.

1. By submitting your online entries, 4-H Exhibitors agree to all Terms & Condi-tions of the Rabbit Project and Noble County General Rules.

2. 4-H Exhibitors and any person affiliated with them shall treat officials and judges with respect.

3. All Classes will be judged according to ages and weights as closely as possible that are established by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. (ARBA). Each breed will be judged separate except for Commercial Show classes (see below). The book of Standards may be obtained from the ARBA, 8 Westport Court, Bloomington, IL 60712 or contact the Extension office or a committee member.

4. To qualify to exhibit in the Commercial Show, 4-H members must exhibit a Senior Buck and/or Senior Doe (rabbit over 9 months old within a certain weight which varies by breed) of the same breed in the Breed Show.
Please see page 89 of the OSU Rabbit Resource Handbook for the definitions of Junior, Intermediate and Senior class rabbits.

5. All rabbits must stay the entire Fair week.

6. Rabbits will be checked for signs of sickness or disease by members of the Rabbit Committee before being penned. Any rabbit showing visible signs of poor health must be removed from the fairgrounds and will not be shown.

7. A 4-H'er may use NO MORE THAN TWELVE (12) CAGES at the fair (one (1) animal per cage except meat pens) and may exhibit NO MORE THAN FOUR (4) BREEDS. Commercial Show pens will each be considered as one (1) entry.

8. Does and nursing litters cannot be shown.

9. Carrying cages cannot remain in or be stored in the building.

10. Rabbits must be penned in permanent cages in the building during Fair week.

11. Extra food, water or other equipment may be stored in the lockers provided at the back of the Rabbit Barn only.

12. Advertising will not be permitted on 4-H rabbit exhibits, including rabbitry names on cages or show coats.

13. PRIVATE SALE OF RABBITS – an Exhibitor may sell 4-H rabbits privately AFTER the conclusion of the 4-H Rabbit Show that are not designated for the 4-H auction. Offering an animal for sale prior to this time (including posting a for sale tag on the cage) violates the 4-H animal ownership statement and will result in the rabbit(s) being ineligible for 4-H competition. Regardless of sale, rabbits are to remain in the barn and cared for by the 4-H Exhibitor until the rabbit release stated time.

14. Breed Show Rabbits and any Commercial Show Rabbits NOT being sold in auction must be removed from the Fairgrounds on Thursday between 4 PM and 8 PM RABBITS/CLEANED CAGES MUST BE CHECKED OUT BY THE 4-H RABBIT COMMITTEE.

15. All 4-H Exhibitors are responsible on show day for bringing their 4-H Rabbits to and from the judging table themselves. Only 4-H Exhibitors may show rabbits at the judging table.

16. Classes will be called THREE times. If a rabbit is not on the judging table after the third call, the presiding Judge has the discretion to include rabbits in the breed if the judging in that breed has not yet completed.

17. All written rules apply unless otherwise posted in the barn by the Rabbit Committee.

18. Rabbit Committee decisions are final.

1. Exhibitors must have ownership and possession of rabbits possible to be shown at fair by or before May 15th.

2. All possible rabbits that may be shown at the Fair must be submitted via paper ID form to the Extension Office by the May 15, 2017 deadline.

3. On or before June 26, 2017, exhibitors must choose from their May 15th ID form which Rabbit(s) they will show at the fair, and list them using www.fairentry.com.

4. NO tattoo, breed or variety changes will be accepted.

5. Only change of sex (buck/doe) and age up changes will be accepted.

6. Rabbit(s) must be permanently marked having a legible ear tattoo in the rabbit's left ear.


8. If you need your rabbit tattooed, please contact a committee member.

9. Permanent marker is NOT permitted.

4-H Rabbit check in 8 AM till 11 AM on Saturday, July 8, 2017 in the Rabbit barn.
Rabbit Showmanship begins at 2:00 PM on Sunday, July 9, 2017 in the Sheep/Goat/Swine arena.
Rabbit Commercial and Breed Show begins at 4:00 PM on Sunday, July 9, 2017 in the Sheep/Goat/Swine arena.
Non Auction Rabbit Release will be on Thursday, July 13, 2017 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

1. 4-H Exhibitors are completely responsible for the care and custody of their Rabbit Exhibits while at the fairgrounds.

2. 4-H Exhibitors MUST feed, water, and care for their own stock using the provided equipment (feeder and waterer) by or before 9:00 PM each night that rabbits are at the fairgrounds.

3. 4-H Exhibitors are responsible for maintaining a clean and attractive exhibit for the public which includes maintaining clean pens. Pans can be cleaned by placing contents in the manure pit area behind the Rabbit barn and putting in new shavings regularly.

4. Barn will be locked by or before 10 PM.

5. If your animals are not fed and watered properly when checked daily by the Superintendent, the 4-H'er will RECEIVE A WARNING. If a second offense occurs, the $5.00 deposit will be forfeited. NO EXCEPTIONS.

1. All fees MUST be paid on check in day. Failure to comply will result in ineligibility to show animals at the fair.

2. $5 deposit per family

3. Plus $1.00 per pen rental fee is due when rabbits enter.

4. The $5 family fee may be refundable if:
     a. Cages, pans (even the bottom area) and barn area are cleaned,
     b. At least one barn watch session is completed,
     c. Must request refund upon being checked out by rabbit committee member on designated clean up date.

Showmanship Classes are divided as follows:
     Rookie--------------grade 3
     Junior--------------grades 4-5
     Intermediate -----grades 6-7
     Senior -------------grades 8-10
     Premier ----------- grades 11-12
Rabbit ID–identify ten (10) pre-selected senior rabbits with breed-variety/group-class
Showmanship Judging: bring your rabbit to the judging area to critique for a judge.

REQUIREMENT: To qualify to exhibit any Commercial show rabbit(s), the 4-H member MUST exhibit a Senior Buck and/or Senior Doe (rabbit over 9 months old within a certain weight which varies by breed) of the same breed in the Breed Show.

1. SIX CLASS MEAT PEN: Three (3) rabbits of the same breed weighing 3.5 to 5.5 pounds each and not over 10 weeks (70 days) of age on the day of show.

2. SIX CLASS SINGLE FRYER: One (1) rabbit weighing between 3.5 to 5.5 pounds and not over ten 10 weeks (70 days) of age on the day of the show. Single Fryer Rabbits may be taken and shown from the 4-H'ers Rabbit Meat Pen.

3. FOUR CLASS PEN OF THREE: Three (3) rabbits of the same breed that must not exceed minimum weight of the four class breed and not over 10 weeks (70 days) of age on the day of the show and most closely represent the characteristics of that breed standard.

4. SIX CLASS ROASTER MEAT PEN: Three (3) rabbits weighing between 5.5-8 pounds each and not over 8 months of age, judged for their commercial qualities.

5. SIX CLASS SINGLE ROASTER: One (1) rabbit weighing between 5.5-8 pounds and not over 8 months of age, judged for its commercial qualities. Single Roaster Rabbits may be taken and shown from the 4-H’ers Roaster Meat Pen.

6. A. Noble County 4-H Member red, Born and Rraised Classes: 1. 6 Class Single Fyer is defined as: One rabit weighing between 3.5 to 5.5 lbs and not over ten weeks of age on the day of show or

2. A. Class Single Roaster is defined as: One rabbit weighing 5.5 to 8 lbs and not over 8 months of age. These rabbits must be produced from a doe/dam that is owned by the 4-H member at least 5 weeks prior to the birth date of the 6 class single fryer or 6 class single roaster entered for the show (pedigree must show ownership date) and all of these rabbits are housed at the 4-H members residence from the time of breeding until the day of the show. 

     B. Pedigree must accompany the above mentioned rabbits and be presented to the Committee at the March workshop of the current year. The Rabbit Committee must view the doe/dam to be sued for breeding with the pedigree. 

     C. The Noble County 4-H Member Bred, Born and Raised classes mentioned above will show in their own classes respectively at the fair show and will also be eligible to show in the regular Commercial Show. 

     D. By signing the Noble County 4-H Member red, Born and Raised Doe/Dam ownership form, you certify under penalty of disqualification that the information on that form is accurate and that you are breeding and raising these rabbits on your property. Disqualification for this reason will eliminate the member from auctioning his/her rabbits. 

7. Champions and Reserve Champions will be selected in each Commercial category.

8. Rabbits shown in the Commercial Show are NOT eligible to compete in the Breed Show.

1. All Classes will be judged according to ages and weights as established by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc. (ARBA).

2. Each breed will be judged separately.

3. A Best 4 Class (Senior/Junior classes) and a Best 6 Class (Senior/lntermediate (6-8)/Junior Classes) will be selected from the Best of Breed animals in each breed. A Best in Show will then be selected from these two.

1. ONLY Commercial Show Rabbit(s) that were shown in the Commercial Show are eligible to be sold through auction. No other individual animals will be allowed through auction.

2. Notification to sell Commercial Show Rabbit(s) in the auction must be given to the Weighmaster within one (1) hour of the completion of the rabbit show, and having said rabbits weighed by the Weighmaster.



The Rabbit Ambassador Contest is a comprehensive evaluation of a 4-H member’s knowledge and skills in the area of rabbits. The evaluation has three components: written test, breed identification and showmanship. In this contest boys and girls compete in the same category according to the grade in which they were enrolled on January 1 of the current year. The grades are divided into the following five categories.
     Novice -Grades 3 and 4 Junior - Grades 5 and 6
     Intermediate -Grades 7 and 8 Senior -Grades 9 and 10
     Master -Grades 11 and 12

Supreme-4-H members who have won “Master” but are still 4-H eligible.

Once a contestant has won a category at the state fair, s/he would move up to the next category if competing the following year. It is recommended that at county level the category winner not advance to the next level unless the 4-H member has won that category at state fair. The exception would be for contestants who are advancing with their age group.

The contestant has responsibilities to be prepared for the competition. The contestant should supply number 2 pencils for the written and breed id portions of the competition. The contestant will need to bring a rabbit in a closed bottom carrier for the showmanship portion of the contest. It is the contestant’s responsibility to be familiar with the rules and procedures.

The resources for the written test for all categories:

1) Standard of Perfection 2016-2020 Standard bred Rabbits and Cavies published by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Available from www.arba.net and/or rabbit equipment vendors. One resource copy has been placed in each county Extension Office. In the event of a conflict of information, the Standard of Perfection is considered the authority.

2) Rabbit Resource Handbook for Breeding, Market and Pet Rabbit Projects (4-H 228R) The Ohio State University Extension.
Questions may be true/false, multiple choice, matching, or a combination. The questions, particularly at the younger levels (novice, junior), are intended to be general knowledge. Upper level (intermediate, senior, master, supreme) contestants are more knowledgeable and will find more specific questions on the test. A total of 100 points is awarded to this portion of the contest.

The breed identification portion of the contest allows the contestant to demonstrate his/her knowledge of breeds of rabbits and the format in which rabbits are entered in a show. The contestant identifies each of ten (10) animals according to the breed, showroom classification, and class. This portion of the contest is worth sixty (60) points. All of the animals in the breed identification portion are senior animals of breeds recognized by the ARBA. The name needs to be written completely with no abbreviations. Correct spelling is not required although the word must be recognizable.

In the showmanship portion of the Rabbit Ambassador Contest, the contestant demonstrates ability to evaluate a rabbit according to the standard for type and disqualifications. This life skill allows the contestant, as a rabbit breeder, to select animals for the purpose of breeding, showing, or culling.

It is the contestant’s responsibility to bring a rabbit in a closed bottom carrier for this portion of the competition.
Contact the Noble County Extension Office for a copy of the Indiana 4-H Rabbit Ambassador Handbook.

An Illustrated Talk is offered at the Indiana State Fair in Poultry and Rabbits.

All participants must complete the Indiana State Fair Poultry or Rabbit entry form. This completed form is to be submitted to the Poultry or Rabbit barn office, respective to the contest, at check in. There is no Indiana State Fair entry fee for this event.

Categories will be: (As of January 1 of current year)
Novice -Grades 3, and 4 Junior -Grades 5 and 6
Intermediate—Grades 7 and 8 Senior—Grades 9 and 10
Master-Grades 11 and 12

1. An Illustrated Talk is for any 4-H member, and allows the member to present a 5-7 minute speech to the audience on a topic related to that project while using props and/or a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other digital presentation.

2. There is no interaction with the audience.

3. Check the Indiana State Fair 4-H Premium book for the date, time and location of this event.

4. Entries will be accepted through the Noble County Extension Office or on-site at the Poultry or Rabbit Show for the respective event. Check the Indiana State Fair 4-H Premium book for the time, location and deadline to enter if entering on-site.

5. Live animals that would be eligible to show in that project may be used in the Illustrated Talk.