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If you have a question that you feel may be a common question relating to agriculture, natural resources, pest control, home lawn and garden, or other similar field, start here. Questions are organized alphabetically by key subject (in bold). You may navigate to the question using key words at top. Follow the link provided to access Purdue Extension or other research-based information that addresses that question. Note that many of these links go directly to select Purdue Extension publications that require Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get this free plug-in, click on the link to the right.

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FAQ Topics:

Ants | Bagworms | Bats | Bed Bugs | Black Walnut Toxicity | Cash Rent Contract | Cash Rent RatesClassified Forest and Wildlands | Cockroaches | Composting | Crop Costs & Returns | Crop Share Lease | Crop Maturity and Harvest Issues | Crop Yield Tests | Custom Rates | Emerald Ash Borer | Farm Fence Law | "Fly-Free" Date for Wheat | "Fly Specks" on Home | Frost Dates | "Fungus" on Tree Trunks | Gardening - Vegetables | Groundhogs | Hay Crop - Seeding | Japanese Beetles | Ladybugs | Land Values | Lichens | Moles | Mosquitoes | Mulch | Mycotoxins | Pasture - Seeding | Pasture for Horses | Pasture Renovation | Pesticide meetings attended? |Pesticide Applicator LicensePesticide Programs | Pests of Field Crops |  Pests of Fruit TreesPests of Landscape Plants | Pests of Turf (lawns) | Pests of Vegetables |  Pond Weed Control | Poisonous Pasture Plants | Pruning | Soil Tests | Spiders | Termites | Timber Sale | Tomatoes | Topping Trees | Toxic Plants | Tree Planting | Vegetable Garden | Weed Control - Crops | Weed Control - Lawns | Wheat "Fly-Free" Date | Wildlife (Nuisance Wildlife Management) | Wildlife prevention/control - permit needed? | Windbreaks

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  1. How do I control ants in and around my home?  Answer    
  2. How do I control bagworms?  Answer    
  3. I have bats in the house. What do I do?  Answer 
  4. How do I avoid/control bed bugs?  Answer 
  5. I can't grow some plants under or near a black walnut. Which plants seem susceptible to black walnut toxicity?  Answer
  6. Do you have examples of a cash farm lease I can use as a guide to make my own?  Answer 
  7. What are average cash rent rates and land values for my geographical area?  2014 Purdue Survey     USDA Ave Land Values     USDA Ave Cash Rents (see bottom table on page)
  8. How do I enroll land into the Indiana Classified Forest and Wildlands program for savings on property taxes?  Answer  Indiana District Foresters can help  
  9. How do I control cockroaches?  Answer    
  10. How do you make a compost pile?  Answer - with yard wastes  Answer - with worms  Answer - with household, yard and garden wastes  
  11. For budgeting purposes, what are average crop costs and estimated returns?  Answer (At webpage, see "Topic Areas" then "20XX Purdue Crop Costs") 
  12. Where can I find a one-stop-shop of reliable information relating to crop maturity and harvest issues, including corn ear rots and mycotoxins?  Answer 
  13. Where can I find a description and example of a crop share lease?  Answer 
  14. Where do I find Purdue's crop variety tests?  Answer 
  15. What are the average custom rates for field operations?  Answer
  16. How do I identify emerald ash borer, know where it is, and know what to do about it?  Answer   
  17. What does the Indiana farm fence law say?  Answer 
  18. What is the fly-free date for planting wheat in my area?  Answer  
  19. I have what looks like fly specks on the side of my home. What are they?  Answer      
  20. Frost dates: when is the probable average last spring frost and first fall frost in Indiana?  Answer  Impact on horticultural plants    
  21. I have some kind of fungus growing on the trunks and limbs of my trees that look "scaly" or like little doilies. What are they?  Answer    
  22. How can I control groundhogs (woodchucks)?  Answer    
  23. I want to seed a new hay crop. How do I select the types of forages I need and when should they be seeded?  Answer  
  24. How do I control Japanese beetles?  Answer    
  25. I have ladybugs (lady beetles) entering my house and driving me crazy. What can I do?  Answer 
  26. How do I control moles in my yard?  Answer    
  27. How do I control mosquitoes in and around my home?  Answer    
  28. I have something growing in my mulch that looks gross - like dog vomit. What is it?  Answer   
  29. I want to seed a new pasture. How do I select the types of forages I need and when should they be seeded?  Answer    
  30. How do I go about providing the best pasture for horses?  Answer    
  31. How do I accomplish pasture renovation effectively?  Answer    
  32. I am a licensed private applicator. How many of the three required pesticide meetings (Private Applicator Recertification Programs, or PARPs) have I attended? Answer
  33. How do I get a Private Applicator's Permit (license) to spray restricted use pesticides or apply manure from a CFO (private Category 14 permit) to my own land?  Answer 
  34. Where are Private Applicator Recertification Programs (PARPs) happening, and when?  Answer
  35. How do I identify and control pests of field crops (corn, soybean, small grains, forages)?  Answer    
  36. How do I manage pests of fruit treesAnswer
  37. How do I identify and control pests of landscape plantsAnswer (University of Minnesota)
  38. How do I manage pests of turf (lawns)?  Answer
  39. How do I manage pests of vegetablesAnswer
  40. How do I control pond weeds?  Answer 
  41. How do I properly prune my trees and shrubs?  Answer   
  42. Where can I get a soil test done?  Answer 
  43. How do I control unwanted spiders, and what do the really bad spiders (black widow, brown recluse) look like?  Answer 
  44. What are acceptable ways to control termites?  Answer 
  45. How do I conduct a timber saleAnswer   
  46. I want to grow tomatoes. What are the basics of growing good tomatoes?  Answer 
  47. What's wrong with topping treesAnswer   
  48. Is there information on toxic (poisonous) plants in Indiana?  Answer - livestock and pets  Answer - in forage crops 
  49. How do I do tree planting properly?  Answer   
  50. How do I plant and care for a vegetable gardenAnswer   
  51. Where do I find information on weed control in field cropsAnswer   
  52. How do I control weeds in my home lawn?  Answer 
  53. Where do I find information on nuisance wildlifeAnswer   
  54. If I want to prevent wildlife damage or use lethal controls - do I need a permit?  Answer 
  55. What trees are good for windbreaksAnswer   (Purdue Extension publication FNR-38, 17.37 MB)

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By John E Woodmansee, Extension Educator - Agriculture & Natural Resources
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