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February 4, 2019

Contact Project Leader: Jeanette Marter 219-992-9010 or if you have any questions about Microwave Cooking.

 Level A (Grades 3-4) BU-8087; Level B (Grades 5-6) BU-8088; Level C (Grades 7-9) BU-8089; Level D (Grades 10-12) BU-8090. Note: Each year the 4-Her is required to complete 3 new activities from 3 different BITES in the specified manual. Turn in completed manual and Level and Year specific record sheet with your project.  Manual will be graded during judging.



  1. How to prepare products for display.
    • Most food products should be displayed on a paper or foam plate.
    • For cakes – cut a piece of cardboard about ½ inch larger than the bottom of the cake. Cover this cardboard with wax paper, plastic wrap, or foil before putting the cake on it.
    • Any other product that may be sticky on the bottom, such as fruit crisps or pies, may be left in the container in which they were microwaved. Containers should be labeled so they may be returned to you following judging.
    • All canned products must have the ring on the jar top to protect the seal.
  2. Whole products will be exhibited for judging. Only a slice of the exhibit or one cookie will remain for show. The rest of the product will go home after judging.
  3. Recipes are required and must be placed on 5” x 8” cards and must be covered with plastic. Label your recipe card with recipe name, 4-Her’s name and division.
  4. All food exhibits must be made from scratch. No box mixes allowed and no canned pie filling.
  5. Project manuals MUST be turned in with exhibit. Each year, members are required to complete a minimum of three (3) activities, each from a different “bite” category as explained on page 5 of each manual.  Members must satisfactorily complete the manual requirements to have their exhibit considered for any award above a blue ribbon placing.
  6. For baked product competitions: Filling, frosting, glazing, pie filling, and meringue whether uncooked or cooked are not permitted to contain cream cheese, whipped cream, unpasteurized milk or uncooked eggs/egg whites (pasteurized eggs or eggs cooked to 160ºF may be used). Home-canned fruits, vegetables, or meats are not permitted in products. Recipes must be provided that show which ingredients were used in each part of the product. Contestants should carefully wash their hands and make sure that their hands do not have any open cuts before preparing foods. Whenever possible, baked products should be transported and stored in chilled coolers (41ºF).
  7. Judges and individuals who will consume products from county and state competitions should be informed that they are at risk for food borne illness since the established policy cannot guarantee that an entry which is a “potentially hazardous food” has been properly prepared or handled before, during or following the competition.

Grade 3: Microwave snack mix, such as cereal snack mix, Puppy Chow, or popcorn mix, etc. Display in a package, such as a Ziploc plastic bag.

Grade 4: Six squares or bars of microwave fudge.

Grade 5: Six bars of microwave cookies or brownies.

Grade 6: One microwave upside down cake.

Grade 7: One microwave fruit crisp.

Grade 8: One microwave coffee cake.

Grade 9: One package of a microwave candy product, except fudge.

Grade 10: One microwave double layer or Bundt cake. (Note: Custards, cream, and cream cheese fillings are frostings are not acceptable in an exhibit because they are highly perishable when left at room temperatures.)

Grade 11: One microwave fruit and/or nut pie. (note: Custards, cream, and cream cheese fillings are not acceptable in an exhibit because they are highly perishable when left at room temperatures.)

Grade 12: A jar of microwave jam or jelly. Label with name of product, quantity, and date made.

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