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Gift Wrapping

January 9, 2020

STATE FAIR ENTRY: Newton County project, but 1 (one) entry will be exhibited as Any Other Craft.

 Newton County Manual. Turn in completed Newton County Gift-Wrapping Record Sheet and attach completed technique card to your project.


  1. Packages wrapped for exhibits should not contain any articles. Tape must not show.
  2. Purchased bows will not be accepted.
  3. In all divisions, tape a card with your name, age, club, occasion, and age of receiver on the box.
  4. An overall champion for each division will be selected.
  5. A 4-Her should enroll in the appropriate grade division.
  6. Divisions may not be repeated. 4-Her must move forward each year.
  7. Consider giving a demonstration to one or more of your friends, 4-H Club, etc. showing techniques of Gift Wrapping.


DIV. 1 (Grade 3) – Practice making 10 bows using any type of ribbons.

DIV. 2 (Grade 4) – Practice wrapping 4 square or rectangular packages during the year. Make your own simple bows using any type of ribbon.

DIV. 3 (Grade 5) – Practice wrapping 6 packages during the year.  Learn how to wrap cylinder-shaped packages, use a variety of papers, trims, ribbons, material, etc.  An example of a cylinder-shaped object is a cardboard oatmeal container. Do not wrap a cylinder-shaped object and embellish it to look like a truck or another object…just wrap the cylinder-shaped object alone.

DIV. 4 (Grade 6) – Practice wrapping 8 packages during the year.  Learn to wrap a box and lid so they look like one box.  Use imagination by adding animals, cards, bells, etc. to you packages. Practice proper folding and placement of liner in boxes.

DIV. 5 (Grade 7) – Practice wrapping 10 packages during the year.  Must use a variety of materials and trim other than bows and wrapping paper in this division. You might try a towel, small blanket, fabric, plastic, etc.

DIV. 6 (Grade 8) – Practice wrapping 10 packages in a year. Practice designing your own paper. Use different techniques such as paint, stencil, crayon, etc. Gift wrap MUST be made of paper. 

DIV. 7 (Grade 9) – Practice wrapping 12 packages during the year.  Use theme design. Example: a train, a car, a clock, etc.

DIV. 8 (Grade 10) – Practice wrapping 12 packages during the year. Wrap items that are not box like. Example: doll, garbage can, bowl, etc.

DIV. 9 (Grade 11) – Practice making 10 gift bags during the year.

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