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Lawn and Garden Tractor

November 29, 2018

Contact Project Leader: Jay Cobb 219-474-6356 if you have any questions about the Ag Tractor Project.

Lawn and Garden Tractor project.

AREA IX CONTEST ENTRY: Top 3 Juniors and top 3 Seniors from the County Contest

STATE FAIR ENTRY: Top 3 Juniors and top 3 Seniors from Area Contest.

Juniors: Grades 3-7      Seniors: Grades 8-12


The 4-H Lawn & Garden Tractor Project provides youth with educational information that develops project skills (principles of engine operation, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, safe operation) and life skills (decision-making, using science and technology, developing communication skills).  Project leaders provide guidance and hands-on practice experience. 


At the county contest, all participants will:

  1. Take a written quiz of 25 questions on small engine operation, care, maintenance and safety.
  2. Identify 25 designated parts of a lawn and garden tractor (Note: pictures will be used).
  3. Perform a safety check on a lawn and garden tractor.
  4. Operate a lawn and garden tractor through the prescribed course; penalty points will be assessed for errors in safety and poor operation.

If a member is not able to participate in the Tractor Operator’s Contest, he or she may:


Exhibit a standard 22”x28” poster or educational display relating to the Lawn and Garden Tractor Project. See page 5 for poster requirements.


Project leaders will host at least one workshop prior to the county fair to discuss safety, mower operation, and parts identification.  Members will have to the opportunity to practice the driving course.

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