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February 4, 2019

4-H 1044 – Level 1 Grades 3-5; 4-H 1046 – Level 2 Grades 6-8; 4-H 1048 – Level 3 Grades 9-12;; 4-H 528 – General Record Sheet. Turn in completed Record Sheet.  Keep manual with project to be read by the judge.

STATE FAIR ENTRY:  Total of four projects: one project from each level.


The 4-H Wildlife project is intended to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of wildlife enjoyment and to teach youth where plants and animals fit into the earth’s life cycle.


All Levels: Members are required to complete activities in at least four (4) sections each year. Date each section completed in the Table of Contents in each book. Choose a different activity each year except for Level D, Wildlife Management Plan, which may be expanded in subsequent years. Members must satisfactorily complete the manual activities to have their exhibit considered for any award above a blue ribbon.


Follow guidelines for Poster Projects listed on page 5 in the Periscope. Grades 4 & up: Exhibit a poster or a notebook, such as a pocket folder or three-ring binder. Choose one of the topics listed below and use that topic for your exhibit title. You can also use a creative sub-title if you wish. List sources for images and information.


Level 1 – Grades 3-5




Level 2 – Grades 6-8




Level 3 – Grades 9-12



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