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Shooting Sports

November 29, 2018

Contact Project Leaders: Paul and Elaine Anderson at 219-477-9433 or Doug Hartman at 765-413-7784 or if you have any questions about Shooting Sports.


STATE FAIR ENTRY: None.  Newton County Project only.

Shooting Sports: The primary goal of the Indiana 4-H Shooting Sports Program is to teach young people how to safely and appropriately handle firearms and archery equipment.  Youth learn self-confidence, personal discipline, responsibility, teamwork and sportsmanship.  The program is provided by trained and certified Instructors under the direction of the Shooting Sports Coordinator.

  1. All members enrolled in Shooting Sports must complete the 4-H Shooting Sports Safety class, which will be provided, before being allowed to handle any firearms or archery equipment. The Safety class is held twice a year, usually in February and again in May.  Parents are encouraged to attend the Safety class with their children.  An additional Hunter Education class may be taken but is not required for 4-H Shooting Sports participation.
  2. There will be a $10.00 fee each year for all members enrolling in this program. Payment must be made to the Shooting Sports treasurer before members shoot guns or bow.
  3. Each member must make or construct a project related to Shooting Sports. The project counts toward the overall score. There are no specific requirements. Examples are an article of clothing, equipment, accessory, poster, and others discussed during safety classes and early shoot dates.
  4. Scores and projects are to be exhibited at the Newton County Fair.
  5. Scores will be determined by shooting scores, test scores, participation and attendance, and projects.


Important Note: For the safety of all fairgoers, do not include any of the following in your exhibit: firearm, live ammunition, usable ammunition, bow, complete arrow, and arrowhead. Any ammunition or arrows used in your exhibit at the Newton County fairgrounds must be completely inert (unusable).


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