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January 9, 2020

STATE FAIR ENTRY: Maximum of 10 exhibits – 2 entries from Level One, 4 entries from Level Two, and 4 entries from Level Three. Being selected as a class winner may not be an automatic State Fair Entry.  Judges determine State Fair qualifications.

 No manual is provided. 4-H families may use online reference material or other educational resources. Contact the Extension Office or visit your local library for these references. With your exhibit, turn in completed Photography Record Sheet, 4-H 621.


  1. All images are to be original images taken by the 4-H member.
  2. Complete a 4-H Photography Record Sheet each year.
  3. Photos and slides must have been taken since the last project entry date of the county fair.
  4. All poster exhibits are to be mounted on a background board 22” by 28”, displayed horizontally, mounted on stiff backing (foam board, corrugated board, thin paneling, thin luan board—keep it thin and light) and covered with clear acetate/plastic. Poster boards and plastic sleeves can be purchased at the Extension Office.
  5. Place standard identification label in the lower right hand corner on poster boards and salon prints. Place your identification label on your board and under your plastic if at all possible.
  6. Number photo prints on your print boards 1 to 10.
  7. Captions under your photographs are not recommended, nor are fluorescent posters.
  8. Salon prints are one print, either Black & White or Color, printed horizontally or vertically. The print must be mounted on a standard 16 by 20 inch salon mount, displayed vertically and covered with plastic. Exhibit tag on a Photography Salon Print may be mounted on top of the plastic. Write your name on the back of the mount under the plastic for identification.  Insert your 16 x 20 salon mount into a plastic sleeve you can purchase at the Extension Office, or have your salon mount professionally sealed in plastic.
  9. Sepia tone photographs (mono chromatic) are entered under the Black and White classes.
  10. Exhibit a variety of photos rather than focusing on a single subject or theme. Examples are people, action, scenic, nature, buildings or structures, animals, unusual angle, close-up, etc.
  1. There will be a limit of three entries per category in levels Two and Three.
  2. Mounting and Labeling:
    • The mounting may be of any color or texture. The pictures are to be neatly and securely mounted.  Dry mounting tissue is best.
    • Salon mounts are available in most photo and art supply stores. They are available either in plain or with a cutout of the picture area.  You may make your own.  Matting is not required.




Level 1 - Grades 3, 4, and 5: You choose either type of prints to exhibit and choose to perfect your skills in either or both. You are encouraged to try your hand at both types of film for a broader learning experience. Your prints may be a mix of digital and/or standard development.



Level 2 - Grades 6, 7, and 8: You may choose three (3) from the list below:


Level 3 - Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12: You may choose three (3) from the list below:

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