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November 29, 2018

STATE FAIR ENTRY: Newton County project, but 1 (one) entry will be exhibited as All Other Crafts.


Resource material available from project leader.  Turn in Crafts Record Sheet with your project.


Level A – Grades 3-4

Exhibit one item using not more than three leather stamping tools.  Any alphabet combination counts as one tool.  Item chosen does not have to have sewing or lacing.  Unstamped leather items or pre-embossed leather items with lacing only may be exhibited (examples are moccasins or pre-embossed kits in which the member does the lacing and lacing workmanship only will be judged).  If stamped item has lacing or sewing, it must be done by the member and both stamping and lacing/sewing will be judged.


Level B – Grades 5-6

Exhibit one item using three or more leather stamping tools.  Article chosen does not have to have lacing or sewing.  If item does have lacing, whip stitching or more advanced lacing techniques may be used and both stamping and lacing will be judged.  No carving in this division.


Level C – Grades 7-9

Exhibit one item using three or more leather tools and showing some use of the carving tool in the design.  Item which is laced should use double overlay or more advanced technique.  Both lacing and stamping will be judged.


Level D – Grades 10 -12

Exhibit one item which includes any of the advanced leather techniques such as painting, dyeing, or figure carving.  Item does not have to have lacing or sewing.  A swivel knife must be used in this level.

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