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Farm Toy Scene

November 29, 2018

Contact Project Leader: Chris Wilson 219-863-7318 or if you have any questions about Farm Toy Scene.



The purpose of this project and exhibit is to motivate and interest young people in modeling a custom built farm toy display. The 4-H member will create a realistic setting around manufactured or custom built farm toys. Modeling is very personal and involves much imagination; members are encouraged to display their many artistic abilities in this project.



  1. Projects will be judged by grade levels.
  2. Display must be built on rigid wood (plywood).
  3. Turn in completed Record Sheet with project.



Level A (grades 3-4) Exhibit a Farm Scene display 24" x 36.”  This level will be limited to field tilling and/or planting (toy plow, disc, or planter). Roads, lanes, trees, and fence rows may be used to set off field or fields. NO people, NO buildings, and NO standing crops should be displayed on this board.

Level B (grades 5-6) Exhibit a Farm Scene display 24" x 36."  This level will be limited to any type of field work (tilling or crop harvesting). Roads, lanes, trees, fence rows, and animals may be used.

Level C (grades 7, 8 & 9) Exhibit a Farm Scene. Displays are 24” x 36”.This level is open to create any type of farm. Example: farmstead buildings, grain handling equipment, field work, and harvesting.

Level D (grades 10, 11, & 12) Exhibit an agricultural display of items other than a farmstead or farm tillage. Displays are 36” x 36”.” Examples include livestock auction, farm equipment dealership, agriculture educational event, agriculture field day, and other imaginative displays.


NOTE: Farm Toy Scene display boards are large. Be sure to think about how you will transport your display to and from the Fair.  You may work on the project in the building prior to check in.  NO changing the project after check-in.

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