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May 28, 2020

Contact Project Leader: Sandy Egyed at 219-992-2878 or if you have any questions about Cats.

Manuals and Publications: Level 1(grades 3-5): Purr-fect Pals,     BU-8148; Level 2 (grades 6-8): Climbing Up, BU-8149; Level 3 (Grades 9-12): Leaping Forward, BU-8150; 4-H Cat Record Sheet, 4-H 777; Certification of Vaccination, 4-H 851 – W; Common Cat Disease and Health Problems. 4-H Animal Ownership/Possession Form due in Extension Office by May 15. One week prior to Cat Show, turn in the following: completed manual activities, Cat Record Sheet, Certificate of Vaccination, Cat Show Class Card, & close-up photo of you and your cat. Members will be notified by mail of exact date and place paperwork is due.

STATE FAIR ENTRY: It is not necessary for a 4-H cat to have been selected as a county winner to enter and compete at the State Fair. Any eligible 4-H cat project member may elect to exhibit their 4-H cat in State Fair competition. All 4-H cats and/or kittens must be owned and cared for by May 15. Postmark the State Fair entry form with a $15 fee per project to the State Fair Entry Department by July 1. Entry forms available from the Extension Office and on the website. ENTER ONLINE at

STATE FAIR CAT POSTER EXHIBIT: Total of three posters, one Level 1, one Level 2, and one Level 3


  1. Manual Requirements: All levels – complete 5 Purr-fect Pals, Climbing Up, or Leaping Forward activities plus 2 Feline Adventures each year.
  2. If the paperwork listed in the box above is not turned in by the designated deadline, the member may still exhibit his or her cat; however, the exhibit will not be eligible for any award above a blue ribbon placing. A merit award will be presented for the most exceptional manual in each level.
  3. A 4-H member may enter and show a maximum of 2 cats in the 4-H Cat Show. Each cat may be shown in only one cat class.
  4. 4-H cats and kittens MUST BE OWNED BY THE 4-H MEMBER AND/OR FAMILY BY MAY 15. In addition, cats and/or kittens must be fed, trained, and cared for by the 4-H member.
  5. Evidence of purebred status must be provided if cat or kitten is to show in Purebred class.
  6. At least one Workshop and a Shot Clinic may be held. Details will be mailed.
  7. Required vaccinations for all cats are: Rabies, panleukopenia, calcivirus, rhinotracheitis, and feline leukemia. The Certification of Vaccination, signed by the veterinarian administering them, shall be attached to the 4-H Cats Record Sheet. Papers will be checked prior to judging. Vaccinations must be received by July 1 in the year of exhibition. Those vaccinated after that date will not be allowed to show.
  8. It is recommended that all cats, other than pedigreed breeding stock, be spayed or neutered.
  9. Cats in season or pregnant will not be permitted to show. 4-H members should still attend the Cat Show without their cat and will not be penalized. In order to receive a ribbon placing, a Cat Poster should be made and exhibited. Follow 4-H Poster Requirement and Guidelines on page 4 of the Periscope.
  10. Cats must be free of fleas, fungus, ear mites, parasites, or other communicable diseases. The Vaccination Certificate states that “Cats will be examined by a vet (or vet tech) at the time of exhibition. Any sign of a communicable disease will result in the cat being sent home.”
  11. Each member is encouraged to exhibit his/her animal for judging. The cat is to be brought in a suitable cage or pet carrier with kitty litter included. Please do not use cardboard boxes as carriers. Cats must be carrier trained.
  12. Each cat must wear a collar. Exhibitors are responsible for providing water/feed containers and grooming aids.
  13. Prior to and during the Show, cats should be removed from carriers only for grooming or judging. Only cat owner or family member should remove cat from carrier.
  14. Cats will be brought for the Show and taken home immediately afterward.
  15. Cats will be judged on health, cleanliness, grooming, personality, and if all categories are equal, the judge will choose a winner by its "star quality."
  16. Attach a close-up photo of you and your cat to your record sheet. Photos will be displayed at the fair.


  1. Each animal will be suitably caged in a cage or carrier provided by the 4-H member. Cats must be on a leash when not caged. Age is determined on day of show.
  2. Cats will be shown in the following classes:
  3. Short Hair Household Kitten, 4-8 months
  4. Long Hair Household Kitten, 4-8 months
  5. Short Hair Household Cat, 8 months and over
  6. Long Hair Household Cat, 8 months and over
  7. Short Hair Purebred (kitten and adult)
  8. Long Hair Purebred (kitten and adult)
  9. OPTIONAL EXHIBITS (not required, but give them a try!)
  10. Showmanship. The purpose is to help 4-H members learn and become more aware of cat fanciers knowledge, show techniques, and related management. Members will compete in one of the following 3 grade levels: Beginner (grades 3-5), Intermediate (grades 6-8), and Advanced (grades 9-12). The judge will ask questions to measure the 4-Her’s cat knowledge. A Workshop may be held prior to the Fair to acquaint 4-Hers with showmanship techniques and practices.
  11. Carrier Decoration. If a member chooses to decorate the 4-H cat cage, the following judging criteria will be used: a) color coordination; b) originality; c) appropriate covering of the 2 sides, back, and top. Front of cage should not be covered. Copyrighted figures such as Garfield, Mickey Mouse, etc. should not be used in decorating cages.


Members may exhibit educational poster in addition to or in place of live animal. Follow 4-H Poster Requirements and Guidelines on page 4 of the Periscope. Posters will be judged with the Cat Show in same 3 divisions as project manuals. Enter poster at 4-H Cat Show.

Exhibit Suggestions—The following suggestions are ideas for development of educational cat poster. 4-Hers need not be limited by or to just these mentioned topics.

Juniors (Grades 3—5) - cat care, cat breeds, litter-training, treating my cat with care and respect, cat responsibilities, grooming skills, training my cat, declawing-good or not, neutering/spaying, I lost my cat, determining cat costs, traveling with my cat, my cat’s safety.

Intermediates (Grades 6—8) - national cat fancier associations, a cat clinic, here comes the judge, training with extra praise, let’s decide for my cat, careers related to cats, should my cat have kittens?, types of cat food, feeding my cat, things I’ve learned, insect pests, cat tails talk, symptoms of ill health, my visiting pet therapy program, cats get old too!, saying good-bye.

Seniors (Grades 9—12) - understanding a cat show, planning a cat business, am I a role model?, cat genetics, cat organs and systems, exploring careers, learning about leadership, my cat quiz bowl, teaching others, having fun learning, it’s the law!, protecting our environment, issues of animal welfare/rights.

Additional ideas and topics—can be found in the State Fair Book under “State Fair 4-H Cat Poster Educational Exhibits.”

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