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Animal or Livestock Poster

November 29, 2018


STATE FAIR ENTRY: None (There is an exception – please read next paragraph)


NO MANUAL IS PROVIDED. Turn in completed General Record Sheet, 4-H 528, with your project.

This project is for members interested in learning about a particular animal. You do not have to own the animal, and you exhibit only a poster. If you want to exhibit a poster about Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, and Poultry/Waterfowl/Turkey, you should enroll in those projects, as the State Fair DOES have categories for Dog, Cat, Rabbit and Poultry/Waterfowl/Turkey posters. You may exhibit a poster on Swine in this project, for example, and also enroll in the Swine Project to exhibit pigs at the fair.

Follow 4-H Poster Requirements and Guidelines on page 5 of the Periscope. Posters will be judged in three categories: Beginner, grades 3-5; Intermediate, grades 6-8; and Advanced, grades 9-12. See page 5 for poster requirements.


Exhibit: All divisions, exhibit your completed poster.  Choose an animal that is appropriate for your division.

Division 1 (Grade 3): Design a poster showing at least six (6) different breeds of the animal you have chosen. Use pictures but also explain the different characteristics of the breeds.

Division 2 (Grade 4): On a poster, identify and label the parts and/or meat cuts of the animal you have chosen.

Division 3 (Grade 5): Design a poster to show how to care for the animal. Include grooming, pasture and barn facilities, and feeding needs.

Division 4 (Grade 6): Design a poster to detail foot care and problems concerning it. Show pictures of hooves, claws, etc. and explain healthy and diseased hooves.

Division 5 (Grade 7): Design a poster that discusses two (2) diseases of the animal species you have chosen and how these diseases are treated.

Division 6 (Grade 8): Design a poster that discusses parasites that are problems for the animal species you have chosen. You may include pictures of the parasites. Be sure to discuss treatment for parasites.

Division 7 (Grade 9): Design a poster that outlines different feeding techniques including facilities and regimens.

Division 8 (Grade 10): Design a poster that outlines specific preparations for showing in competition the animal species you have chosen.  Be detailed and show pictures as examples.

Division 9 (Grade 11): Design a poster that discusses the various reasons people use the animal species you have chosen in our present time. You may compare with the uses of time periods before, such as in pioneer days.  Be sure to express the importance of the animal in the time periods you use.

Division 10 (Grade 12): Design a poster that outlines the vaccination regimen for the animal species you have chosen. Be specific with time frames for each medicine.  Discuss whether the animal needs to be wormed and which types of worming medicines are best for that species.



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