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January 9, 2020


NO MANUAL REQUIRED. Complete General Record Sheet 4-H 528.

Categories: (Member skill level will be determined by project leaders at Drone Workshops) Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


All written test and obstacle courses are scored on 100 points. Must score with an 80% or better to move on to the next level. The FPV race will be timed and member must bear allocated time. Also, if there are multiple members in the FPV class they will race together. The obstacle courses will be judged on take off, landing, and overall flight performance. Any hoops hit will be a deduction.


There may be workshops to assist in the Drone project.  Parents and guardians are highly encouraged to accompany participants to all workshops. Judging date for Drones is at the 4-H Building on Saturday’s Pre-Fair Judging.


Requirements: (ALL Categories)

To complete this project, participant must take the safety and use certification test and fly a drone at the judging event based on level of project. In lieu of flying a drone, member may exhibit a poster. See pages 13 and 14 for poster requirements.  Members will need to attend at least one training session to determine which level they will compete at during the final competition. Skill levels are considered beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert. Details regarding each level are below:






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