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Instructions For Enrolling Online as a 4-H Volunteer Enrollment

March 24, 2015

                                                       4HOnline: Adult Volunteer Enrollment 

Enrolling in 4HOnline as an Adult Volunteer
Your county Purdue Extension office staff can assist you with beginning the Adult Volunteer enrollment process in 4HOnline, the preferred method of enrollment, or provide you with a paper enrollment form.
To enroll in Indiana 4-H through the 4HOnline data management system, you need a computer, tablet or smartphone, internet access, a valid e-mail address and a web browser.
1. Go to (notice there’s no “www” in that address).
2. Click “I need to set up a profile”. A drop down menu will appear. Select the county of your assigned 4-H volunteer duties, then type in your valid family e-mail address. *E-mail addresses must be valid in order for you to have access to your enrollment information—it’s your account login as well as how you receive information. If you do not currently have a valid email address, you can quickly create one for free using Google’s Gmail, Yahoo mail or any other free email client of your choice. See the company website of your choice for information on setting up a free email account.
3. Confirm your e-mail address.
4. Type in your household’s last name. (This will be the name that appears on mailing labels—“The Johnson Family” for example.)
5. Create your password – must include letters and numbers/symbols with a minimum of 8 characters.
6. In the Role field select Family.
7. Click on “Create Login”
To move between boxes, you need to use your mouse or the TAB key. Don’t press the ENTER key or click on the BACK ARROW – you will lose any information that you have entered.
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4HOnline: Volunteer Enrollment
This is the Family Information page. Fill in requested information correctly and completely. All fields in BOLD are required information.
• Make sure that you choose your correspondence preference to either “Mail” or “Email”. If you choose Mail as your correspondence preference, then most of your correspondence with your county Purdue Extension Office will come via the US postal service. If you choose Email as your correspondence method, then most of your communications from the county Purdue Extension office will be through Email.
• Do not check the “update member records” box at this time.
• You do not need to complete the Password Management section as this time. You have already created your 4HOnline password on the Login Page.
• Click on the “Continue” button at the bottom of the page.
You are now at the “Member List” page.
• In the drop down box under “Add a New Family Member”, select “Adult” and click on “Add Member”.
This is the “Adult Personal Information” screen. Fill in all information for this member correctly and completely.
• If you have a DIFFERENT e-mail address than the family one entered at login, enter it in the Email box.
• If your last name is different than the household name, make that change on this page.
• Complete each field in BOLD. These are required fields.
• Text messaging: This is optional. Enter your cell phone number, check the box if you are willing to receive text messages via 4HOnline, and choose your cellular provider from the list. Texts will be used for last minute meeting notices and other priority information, only from county staff, not auto-generated through the program.
• Are you a volunteer? Mark “yes” if you are a screened and
approved 4-H Adult Volunteer.
• Ethnicity – if you consider yourself to be a part of the Hispanic culture, mark “yes”.
• Race - You may choose as many of the options that apply or mark “prefer not to state”. The choice is yours.
• Choose your residence.
• Complete the Military Service of Family only if it applies.
• When you have completed this page, click "Continue." This brings you to the Additional Information Page.
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4HOnline: Volunteer Enrollment
Authorizations and Releases
• All fields are required. Select an option if there is a choice, or check the “I agree…” box.
• The authorization sections include Adult Behavioral Expectations, National and State Sex and Violent Offender Registry Check, Personal Liability Waiver, the Purdue University Vehicle Use Policy and Volunteer Required Signatures.
• Double-check the transportation option that is selected is correct.
• All fields must be filled in before you can click the Continue button.
• Type your legal name in the membership signature box. This will serve as your electronic member signature.
• By logging on with your login email address and password, you are indicating that you are the correct person to agree to the terms
• When you have completed this page, click "Continue."
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4HOnline: Adult Volunteer Enrollment
The Clubs/Projects/Groups page is where you will select a 4-H club and projects for the current 4-H year.
• If you are a 4-H Club Volunteer, select the appropriate club from the list.
• Be sure to click “Add Club”.
• Add additional clubs if you have 4-H Club Volunteer responsibilities for more than one club.
• Click the “Continue” button.
• If you are not a 4-H Club Volunteer, click the “Continue” button.
The “Projects” tab.
• If you are a Project Leader/Volunteer under “Select a Project” click on the drop down menu and select the first project for which you have 4-H Adult Volunteer responsibilities.
• “Years in Project” – Select the number of years you have been a project leader for this project.
• Select your role as a Volunteer for this Project
• Click on “Add Project”.
• For each additional project that you are a volunteer, repeat the steps above.
• If you are not a Project Volunteer, click the “Continue” button.
The “Groups” tab
• If your assigned 4-H Volunteer responsibilities is to serve as a Committee Member, 4-H Council Member, Fair Board Member, or in an advisory role, click on the drop down menu and select the appropriate Group and Volunteer Type.
Once you have entered all your club(s), project(s), and/or group(s) you need to click on “Submit Enrollment” and you are done!
If there is another 4-H Adult Volunteer in your family enrolling in 4HOnline, they will need to repeat this process beginning at the Member List page.
Once your enrollment has been submitted, it is sent to your county Purdue Extension Office to be reviewed. If there are any issues with your enrollment – incorrect or missing information, etc. – you will receive an e-mail with instructions for logging back in (with the same email/password you set up) and making the necessary corrections. If there are no issues, you will receive an e-mail stating that you have been accepted and will have access online to your enrollment to make any updates throughout the 4-H year.
Keep your login (family email address) and password handy so that you can log in to the website and update your records as needed. Changes in address, phone number and email address are items that should be kept up to date. Page 4 of 5
4HOnline: Volunteer Enrollment
Next year, when it’s re-enrollment time, you’ll log in to the records you created this year, and simply “reactivate” any members or adult volunteers in your family—the family information only needs to be entered once.
FAQ – Frequently asked Questions
Passwords and E-mail Addresses
Q: I forgot my password, how can I get it? A: On the login page, click on "I forgot my password" and then click "Send My Password". The Password will be sent to the Email address associated with the Family login.
Q: I forgot the e-mail address that I used, how can I get it? A: You will need to contact your county Purdue Extension office and ask them to look at your Family profile for the correct e-mail address.
Q: I requested my password to be sent, but it never came, what can I do? A: Contact your county Extension office and ask for your password to be reset. Also be sure that you confirm with the county Purdue Extension Office the email address associated with the Family login. You should also check your spam or junk mail folder to be sure the e-mail notices are not being placed in that folder.
Q: I completed my profile over a week ago and my enrollment status it is still listed as “pending”, what do I do? A: Contact your county Purdue Extension office and ask them to review your enrollment, or ask if there are any issues with it.
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