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The 4-H Board of Directors are the overseeing body of the Monroe County 4-H Program, and are the governing body of the 4-H Program.
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New in 2016. The Monroe County Achievement Record Sheet should be completed by all 4-H youth regardless of the projects that they intend to complete.
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Check out this article for all the information you need for the 2016 Monroe County Fair! You will find the schedule of events for open class and 4-H projects as well as any rule books you will need.
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The 4-H General Information page is a great resource for our 4-H members and their families! Learn more about Monroe County 4-H Program.
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This is a series on how to sew. Participants sew garments and/or accessories of increasing difficulty as they progress. The garments range from simple items to a tailored suit or coat. This project incorporates new techniques, technology and products which make sewing easier and more efficient.
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4-H Club Officers play an important role in the Monroe County 4-H Clubs.
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The 2016 Bloomington Walking Program is underway! Join us every Thursday from April 7th through October 27th. This informal group will meet at Olcott Shelter Park at 6:00 pm. Come join us and bring a friend!

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