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4-H Club Officers

June 30, 2016

Welcome 4-H Officers!


Helpful Information:

4-H is a youth driven organization. This means that while it is important for youth to show up to club meetings, it is also essential that youth take a leadership role within their club. There are many different types of leadership roles that one can work toward and take on.

Club Officers is perhaps one of the most recognized ways to become a leader in your 4-H club. Each club may elect a different combination of officers, but almost all 4-H clubs elect youth to become leaders in the club for that year. Some of the possible positions include: 

1. President - Serving as president provides an opportunity to learn about conducting business meetings and getting cooperation from club members. Learn more about this office in the President's Guide

2. Vice President - The vice president works with the president and take the president's place when they are not present. The vice president serves as the chairman of the program committee so they are responsible for the club's programs for that year. Learn more about this office in the Vice President's Guide

3. Secretary - The secretary of the club has the responsibility to work with the other officers for the improvement of the club as a whole as well as keeping the records of the club's business and activities. Learn more about this office in the Secretary's Guide

4. Treasurer - The treasurer is responsible for keeping records of all money taken in and spent by the club. It is a job of trust and one in which you learn to handle and keep records of money. Learn more about this office in the Treasurer's Guide

5. Healthy Living Officer - The healthy living officer of the choose health officer helps to keep the 4th "H" front and center at 4-H club meetings. Find out more about this office in the Healthy Living Officer Guide. The healthy living officer can also serve as the recreation officer or this could be a team of two officers. Find out more about the recreation officer in the Recreational Activities Officer Guide

6. Health and Safety Officer - Help your club keep the safety of every member in mind as you plan activities and programs for the year. Find out more about this office in the Health and Safety Officer's Guide

7. News Coordinator - The news coordinator's job is to tell the community about the club, its activities, and special member activities such as a member who takes flowers to a person who is ill. Find out more in the News Coordinator's Guide

8. Singing Coordinator - Group singing helps people feel more at ease, lose their shyness, and center their interest on the program of the meeting. Find out how much fun you can have in this office in the Singing Coordinator's Guide

You can also find even more helpful information in this full Officer Guide. Consider going through this manual as an officer team. Complete the worksheets and even run a mock meeting. This is a great way to practice your skills and get to know more about your office. 

Working on a committee in your 4-H club is another great way to get involved in a leadership opportunity. Talk to your club leaders about forming a committee or joining one that already exists. A committee should meet in addition to club time and serves to accomplish a goal set by the club. 

Get Involved: 

Learn even more about becoming a leader and getting involved in your community by attending Area and State Trips and Workshops. 

State Junior Leader Conference (SJLC) - This conference will be held June 14 - 17, 2016 at the University of Indianapolis. Visit the State 4-H Junior Leader Conference website for more information and to find out more about this great opportunity!

Indiana State Fair Youth Leadership Conference (ISFYLC) - In 2016 ISFYLC will be held August 2 - 6 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. Find out more about this great Leadership opportunity on the ISFYLC website

Indiana 4-H Youth and Adult Congress - This conference is held on the first Saturday in October each year. Enjoy working with other youth and adults from across the state in this once day conference that focuses on leadership and how members can help improve their communities. Visit the Indiana 4-H Youth and Adult Congress website for more information. 

If you would like to learn more about these and other opportunities contact Monroe County Extension Office. 

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