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November 4-H Club Resources

October 25, 2018
Picture of 3 youth in background at 4-H meeting with text reading November 4-H Club Resources, Monro

November 4-H Club Meeting Resources

Club Officers and Leaders are encouraged to make their club meetings as full of educational content as possible and consider how to incorporate the three mission areas throughout the year. Below are some helpful resources, topics, activities and more to help you plan your meetings. Feel free to use any of the ideas below during another month as well.

Club Meeting Planning Document

Your club leadership team can use this document to outline what will happen at your next club meeting. The document can be changed to reflect your club's order of business, just e-mail Katie to request the Word Document at This document can also help you build your agenda for your meeting to post ahead of time so your membership will know what to expect.

Community Service Ideas

November and December are a great time to think about giving back to our community. Take a look at the linked document to get some new ideas of what types of community service ideas you could coordinate for your club.

Mission Area 1: Leadership

Leadership is a very important part of a 4-H members experience. Leadership is something that officers get to practice, but other members can practice and learn more about leadership as well. These activities will help officers and members brush up on and learn new leadership skills.

The Crayon Box That Talked - Easy activity that can be led by anyone that discusses why everyone is important to the group (10 minutes)

Seven Lessons on Change - Try this fun activity to get youth thinking creatively about change (Page 7) (10-15 minutes)

Decision Making - This fun activity involves candy and decisions, what could be better? (15-20 minutes)

Mission Area 2: Science

You may have heard that S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a pretty common topic in education today. Help your 4-H club members generate some science excitement with one of these easy and low-cost experiments. If you aren't sure about leading a science activity, contact Katie ( for a club visit. She would love to introduce your club members to any of these experiments.

Belch Model - Ever wonder why your stomach seems to have more gas during those holiday meals? (10 - 15 minutes)

Mystery Powder in the Kitchen - What is all of that powder you spilled while baking the holiday pies? Find out with this experiment. (30 minutes)

Bouncy Balls - Don't let boredom set in during holiday break, kick up some excitement with these fun make-it-yourself bouncy balls! (20 minutes)

Mission Area 3: Healthy Living

Part of the 4-H Pledge that we often forget to learn about is Healthy Living. Check out these fun activities as a great way to start learning more about Healthy Living. If you would like some help leading a Healthy Living activity at your club, contact Katie ( to see if the Healthy Living Teens as Teachers Team could visit your club meeting to teach something new!

Hand Washing - Its more important than ever to wash your hands properly to avoid getting sick during Flu Season! (10 minutes)

Food Group Race - How quickly can club members come up with a list of foods in each food group? (15 minutes)

Relaxation Acclimation - Sometimes the holidays can be stressful. Help youth prepare with ways to deal with stress during this fun activity (10 - 30 minutes)

Livestock Resources

Livestock Clubs are encouraged to use the activities above just like community clubs so try them out! Here are a couple of other activities that are specific for our 4-H clubs that deal with animals.

AgBot STEM Challenge - Create the most cost effective livestock handling facility to move the ag bots from the corral to the barn (15 minutes or more)

               - Nanobots can be requested from the Extension Office for this activity, just e-mail Katie (

Livestock Feed Rations - help members learn about similarities of the food humans eat and the food animals eat and gain an understand that livestock need balanced rations (15 - 30 minutes)


Other Helpful Resources

Club Financial Reports - due January 15th!

Club Unit Reports - due January 15th or sooner - this report tells everything that you club did over the last year


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