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4-H Livestock Resources UPDATED!!

May 21, 2020
4-H Livestock Resources

4-H Animal Identification Days & 4-H Livestock Eligibility Details for 2020!

With precautionary restrictions set in place, there is simply not enough time to have animal identification days/ weighs ins, all within the last two weeks of the month of May.  For 2020, 4-H members will be required to pick up the necessary tags from the Extension Office. This will begin taking place after April 7th or as allowed by Governor Holcomb’s order.  Indiana 4-H families will apply the tags to the animals. There will be no rate of gain classes.

The deadline for all animal species to be identified in 4hOnline to be eligible for the Martin County & 4-H shows at the Indiana State Fair is now June 1, 2020.  All parts of identification for each species, including correct tagging, photo uploads, and DNA pulls (DNA for State Fair only) as applicable must be completed for exhibition.

Martin County Youth will need to e-mail or call your specie superintendent or Dena Held at /  812-295-2412 to provide details on the tags/envelopes needed to properly identify your 4-H animals. 


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