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Master Gardener Program
Purdue Extension-Marshall County office will offer an excellent class to help gardeners expand their knowledge and skills through the Master Gardener Intern Class. This class provides the educational class hours needed for an individual to become a certified Purdue University Master Gardener. The class will start on Monday evening, January 29th, with seventeen sessions mainly held on Monday evenings and some Thursday evenings.
4-H Logo
The Marshall County Open Dairy Show will take place on Friday & Saturday, July 14-15th, 2017, Friday at 6:00 pm and Saturday at 9:00 am at the Marshall County 4-H Fairgrounds in Argos, Indiana
Saturday, October 1, 2016 @ Craig Geyer Farm
The Farmer's Tax Guide explains how federal tax laws apply to farming. Specifically, this IRS publication describes the taxation of income, expense deductions, the tax basis of assets, depreciation, gains and losses on the disposition of assets, and various taxes (e.g., self-employment taxes) impacting production agriculture.
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