Bald Eagle
While most of us think of spring as the bird breeding season, several species get a jump start during the winter. Bald Eagles build nests in large trees or snags near sources of food - rivers, streams and lakes during the winter season. Wildlife Extension Specialist, Brian MacGowan, shares a frequent question asked regarding what kind of activities can and can not take place around Bald Eagles.
FNR Extension Interns at elementary school
Purdue University's Department of Forestry and Natural Resources seeks candidates for extension internship positions. FNR is pleased to announce a new program that will provide undergraduate extension internship opportunities for qualified students this summer.
Planting trees.
This Spanish-language version of our helpful, how-to guide Tree Installation: Process and Practices by Lindsey Purcell, Urban Forestry Specialist, aids in choosing, planting, and maintaining trees. It includes a 12-step planting process, Indiana native tree and utility-friendly tree charts, information on Midwest hardiness zones, and detailed tree-planting graphics and photographs.
Robert Cordes,  Maine IFW, with female moose.
Many of us enjoy viewing wildlife, but some species can be difficult to find. In this podcast our host, Dr. Rod Williams, will be interviewing Robert Cordes, a biologist from the Maine Inland and Fisheries Department, on how to use trail cameras to view wildlife.