Family Resource Management
From the Federal Trade Commission: Coming to a wallet near you: new credit and debit chip cards. They're part of a nationwide shift by major card issuers to offer added security against fraud. The new cards look like your old cards with one exception: they have a small square metallic chip on the front. The chip holds your payment data - some of which is currently held on the magnetic stripe on your old cards - and provides a unique code for each purchase. The metallic chip is designed to reduc
Being fed to the sharks
SCAM GRAM is Consumer Action's new monthly email alerting you to the dirtiest players in the world of tech fraud, credit card scams, ID theft and general con-artistry. Don't be fooled by liars, cheaters and deceivers-wise up with SCAM GRAM!
Piggy Bank
You'd assume that if the money in your IRA or 401(k) is stolen, you're covered. Bad assumption. If you've got any kind of brokerage account, stop what you're doing and read this.
Air Force
If you serve - or have served - in the military, chances are you feel a pretty tight bond with your brothers- and sisters-in-arms. If you share a common experience with someone, it only makes sense that you trust them, want to associate with them, or even do business with them. But here's something to bear in mind: scammers count on your trust in fellow servicemembers - and use it against you.