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Plant Information

October 27, 2014

Hardiness Zone & Heat Zone Maps

USDA Plant Hardiness Zones (US Map) (US National Arboretum)
AHS Plant Heat Zones (US Map) (AHS)

Plant Information and Sources

Plant Information Online Database (University of Minnesota)
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Plant Sources

Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs (

Purdue Horticulture Gardens

Drought Resistant Plants

Xeriscaping for Indiana (Purdue)

Drought-tolerant Plants (Purdue publication HO-252)

Drought Resistance in the Home Landscape (Ohio State University)

Use the search tools at the following websites to find specific plants adapted to dry soil.
-Plant Finder (Missouri Botanical Garden)
-UConn Plant Database (University of Connecticut)
-Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest (University of Wisconsin)

2012 Drought Information

Flowers (see also "ornamental plants" & "native plants" sections below)

Growing Annual Flowers (HO-99) (Purdue)
Annual Flowers (HO-80) (Purdue)
Growing Perennial Flowers (HO-61) (Purdue)
Recommended Perennial Flowers (HO-79) (Purdue)
Deadheading Do's and Don'ts (Purdue Extension-Marion County)
Perennial Plant of the Year (1990 to current) (Perennial Plant Association)
Kentucky Garden Flowers (University of Kentucky)

-Scientific Name Index

-Common Name Name Index

Cornell Herbaceous Perennials Database (Cornell University)

-Search Feature
Designing Flower Gardens and Flower Growing Guides (Cornell University)
Flower Factsheets (Cornell University)
Designing and Preparing a Perennial Bed (University of Minnesota)
A Perennial Flower Bed Design (Kansas State University)

Fruitless Ornamental Plants

Sexes in Ornamental Plants (Ohio State University)
Preventing Unwanted Fruit on Trees and Shrubs (Purdue Extension-Marion County)

Fruits and Nuts

Fruits and Nuts Adapted to Indiana
Fruits and Nuts for Edible Landscaping (HO-190)
Managing Pests in Home Fruit Plantings (ID-146)
Indiana Fruit and Vegetable Harvest Calendar
Fruit and Nut Publications (Purdue University)
Fruit and Nut Publications (Ohio State University)
Fruit and Nut Publications (University of Kentucky)
Midwest Home Fruit Production Guide (Ohio State University)
Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home (Cornell University)
Fruit Production for the Home Gardener: A Comprehensive Guide (Penn State Univ.)
Fruit Growing: North Central Region (
Fruit Crops (for commercial producers) (Purdue University)

Information Links on Specific Plants
Raspberry and Blackberry Production Guide for the Northeast, Midwest, and Eastern Canada


Growing Herbs (HO-28) (Purdue University)

NewCROP Website (Purdue University)

Herbs Adapted to Indiana

A Guide to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Savory Herbs: Culture and Use (USDA)

Herb Gardening (University of Illinois)

Herb Directory (Penn State University)

Hort on the Internet: Herbs (North Carolina State University)

Hummingbird Gardening (Plants to Attract Hummingbirds)

Invasive Species

Invasive Species (IDNR)

Invasive Species Fact Sheets & Assessments
Invasive Plants in Indiana (INPAWS)
Landscaping with Non-Invasive Plant Species: Making the RIGHT Choice (large 19 MB file) (IPSAWG)
Indiana Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Program (CAPS)
Midwest Invasive Plants Network
Invasive and Noxious Weeds (USDA Plants Database)

Native Plants

Prairie Wildflowers (Purdue University)

Establishing a Prairie Wildflower Planting (Purdue Ext.-Allen County)

Meadow-In-A-Can Wildflowers (Purdue Ext.-Allen County)

Landscaping Over Septic Systems with Native Plants (HENV-15)
Landscaping with Plants Native to Indiana (INPAWS)
Wildflowers of Marion County (Butler University Friesner Herbarium)
Spring Wildflowers on the Butler Campus (Butler University Friesner Herbarium)
Butler University Prairie (Butler University Friesner Herbarium)
Identification: Wildflowers of Indiana (
Michigan Wildflowers (Carson City-Crystal High School, Carson City, MI)
Missouri Wildflower Guide (Marizon Inc)

Links to Other Wildflower Websites
Prairie Primer (University of Wisconsin)
Identification: Trees of Indiana (
Silvics of North America (USDA Forest Service)
USDA Plants Database

Ornamental Plants (trees, flowers and other plants)

Plant Finder (Missouri Botanical Garden) ++ (Plant Finder Search)
Jesse Saylor's Plant Encyclopedia (Michigan State University) ++ (Plant Search)
HortAnswers (University of Illinois) (Plant Search)
PlantFacts Plant List (Ohio State University) ++ (Quick Search)
Illinois Best Plants (Chicago Botanic Garden) ++ (Plant Search)
Plant Evaluation Notes (Chicago Botanic Garden)
Ornamental Plants Plus (Michigan State University) - no longer online (DVD)
Plant Elements of Design (A Plant Selection Program) (University of Minnesota) (Search)
Landscape Plants: Images, Identification, and Information (Oregon State University) +
P.L.A.N.T. Plant Material Links (Purdue University)

++ = Website has audio pronunciation of scientific names.
+ = Website has written pronunciation of scientific names.
Note additional links in the above "Native Plants" and "Invasive Species" sections.

Trees, Shrubs and Ground Covers

Tree, Shrub & Groundcover Fact Sheets (Ohio State University)

Tree and Plant Finder (The Morton Arboretum)

SearchMOR (Quercus Plant Database) (The Morton Arboretum)

Indiana Community Tree Selection Guide (IDNR CUF)

UConn Plant Database Plant Index (University of Connecticut) ++ (Search)

Woody Plants Database (Cornell University) +

Woody Ornamentals (University of Florida)

-Northern Trees (Zones 2-7) (UF, Rutgers, USDA) +

-Shrub Fact Sheets (University of Florida) +

Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest (University of Wisconsin) ++ (Plant Super Search)

UI Plants (University of Illinois) (Plant Search)

Recommended Urban Trees (Cornell University) (Small Trees) (Medium to Large Trees)

Deciduous Woody Groundcovers (2.7 MB file) (Cornell University)
Kentucky Trees (trees native to Kentucky) (University of Kentucky) (Tree Profiles)
Woody Landscape Plants, HORT 217 (Purdue University)
Alternatives to Ash Trees (university-forest service, 25 pages)
Alternatives to Ash Trees (IDNR CUF, 1-page overview)

Woody Plant Identification
Many of the above websites will help you identify woody plants. Here are some additional sites on identification.

Woody Plant Identification (University of Tennessee) ++

Dendrology (Virginia Tech)

++ = Website has audio pronunciation of scientific names.
+ = Website has written pronunciation of scientific names.
Note additional links in the above "Native Plants" and "Invasive Species" sections.


Vegetables Adapted to Indiana
Indiana Fruit and Vegetable Harvest Calendar
1998 Marion County Master Gardener Tomato Cultivar Trial (Purdue Extension-Marion County)
Our Vegetable Travelers (non-native vegetables) (National Geographic)
Vegetable Seeds and Seed Germination (Texas A&M University)
Vegetable Publications (Purdue University)

Organic Vegetable Production (large 7.6MB file)
Watch Your Garden Grow (University of Illinois)
Vegetable Publications (Ohio State University)
Vegetable Crops (for commercial producers) (Purdue University)
Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners (Cornell University, NY)

Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners in New York 2010 (Cornell University, NY)
Vegetable Cultivar Evaluations (Ohio State University, Franklin County)
Disease Resistant Vegetables

Tables of Disease Resistant Varieties (Cornell University)

Disease Prevention in Home Vegetable Gardens (University of Missouri)

Disease Resistance in Recommended Vegetable Varieties for Home Gardens (University of Tennessee)
Seed catalogs also provide information on disease resistant vegetable cultivars (cultivated varieties).

Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs

Vines (ornamental)

Annual and Perennial Vines (Purdue University)
Quick Guide to Ornamental Vines (Purdue University)

Wildflowers (see "native plants" section)

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