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Indiana Heritage

January 17, 2017


Indiana Heritage Project


Project Goal:    This project is to help you explore the history, culture and unique attractions of Indiana and the communities/counties in the state.  History is all around... family photo albums, public statues, historical markers, etc.  Look around and you will discover interesting things to research. 

Exhibit Levels:   Level 1 (grades 3 - 5)     Level 2 (grades 6 – 8)     Level 3 (grades 9 & up) 

Exhibit suggestions:  Explore a topic related to Indiana Heritage...the key to the exhibit is something or someone as part of the history, culture or uniqueness of Indiana.  Make sure you include important facts, pictures, drawings, etc. with your exhibit.  The information must meet the requirements and objectives for the individual project.  Materials should be educational for the youth and the audience. 

Topic examples:  You are not limited to Marion County, so use your creativity:

Possible research sources:  Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites, Indiana Historical Bureau, Indiana Government Center, Purdue University, Smithsonian Institution, etc.


The judge may choose to view Video or Digital exhibits in their entirety or a portion.  Every effort will be made to show exhibits in their proper format at the fair, but sometimes we may be limited with video and digital projects.

Score Cards: See links below

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