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This is a listing of the 4-H Clubs, leaders and where their meetings are usually located. A 4-H'er may be a member of more than one club.
4-H Cats
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Get all the information you need about the Cat Project here!
Sheep Tagging
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Get all of the details on times and what is required for the May 12 animal tagging/weigh-in/etc.
Counselor with Campers
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Want to spend a weekend enjoying 4-H Camp and helping Campers leave with a rewarding experience? Apply today to be a 4-H Camp Counselor!
4-H The Fun Starts Here
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Welcome to Lawrence County 4-H! We are excited to have you. This post should help you find a lot of important resources to get your experience off on the right track. It includes a 4-H Family Guide to help you navigate your new experience.
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See the 2017 Lawrence County 4-H Handbook for all exhibit requirements and guidelines! 2018 Handbook Coming Soon!
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Thanks for joining us for more information on the Southeast Indiana Judges and Leaders Clinic. You can find a lot of our resources here, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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